One Voice, One Vote

One Voice, One Vote
By Pauline Harris

All our lives we learn
About casting that one vote
We learn from history
Not all have a chance to cast
We learn from family and friends
Opinions of who to vote for
We learn information about
Those running from various sources
Some will tell about how
this one is better than that one
Posters will line the streets

But here is the one thing
Once the ballot is in your hand
It is up to only you
Who you choose to vote for
If that choice is ever taken away,
It is no longer a free society

Please research and vote
And yes, many who take office change
But we can only do so much
With our voice cast in a ballot

Our own ballot, our voice, our vote
Fought for, many died for
Some silenced and some forced
Our upbringing teaches us
The morals and beliefs

Futures change by all
Who take the time
To lend our voice
Some whispers speak
Only we can make
Our voices known

And now is our right
To have a say
This is our voice, our vote
Our freedom to vote
Being mindful, we cast our ballot

voting is our Right

voting is our Right
by Pauline Harris

Tomorrow is a day
To reflect and cast a ballot
Reflecting on who we choose
Each one of us consciously
To bring our voice into play
In the day to day activities
Of what becomes a law
To govern our society
It does matter who we choose
But more than that
The person we choose
Must live up to our voices
And listen to us
We can use our voice
In ballot form each election
We can submit and sponsor bills
Help get the word out about our views
Many fought and many died
For our votes to be cast
Make a difference with a Vote

Vote Your Voice

Vote Your Voice
By Pauline Harris

Time has come
To make a note
Who is the one
Who speaks for all
All who are represented
Working for all
Not just for themselves
Nor for what others
May force upon them to do
The people matter
Not just a few
For each are
Of the people
So we vote by the people
For the one person
Who we believe
Has our ‘The Peoples’
Best methods
Of supporting us
Of making our lives better
Of making the world healthier
And to share compassion
And mercy daily


Vote our voice

As our vote is

Our voice

To be heard

No More Snowflakes

No Snowflakes

The day had come for us to move
I was so young, thinking it was a game
Not knowing anyone, my friends all gone
Taken away and I would have been next
We moved and all was well until
Many others were disappearing
Us, we had to wear emblems
Only here not there was where to shop
Of where to attend school
Curfews and demoralizing rules governed us
Soon we were not even allowed school
Father took us to a new place
New rules…and here, I write in my journal
To remember and to know
Quietly we survive for awhile
Somehow discovered
Stripped of our identities
Scattered from our families
Lost and confused
Illness strickened us
Some taken to showers
Snowflakes everywhere
In the middle of summer
Holes, bones
Clothes with no bodies
No voice
No choice
Is a luxury
No water
No food
Silenced forever
Only her words remain
In a journal discovered
On the floor amongst the papers
Let us not return to her times
Never again…speak up
Hear our cries
All we want is respect,
Our voice to be heard,
And our basic needs
And we will work for them
No more snowflakes
By Pauline Harris
In remembrance of Anne Frank
And many others

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