Universal Idea

stop…STOP…think…Think about what impact on others your actions n words on them…and what impact these words n actions have on you…the golden rule is universal…do things to others as you would have them do to you ~pharris2011

Vote Your Voice

Vote Your Voice
By Pauline Harris

Time has come
To make a note
Who is the one
Who speaks for all
All who are represented
Working for all
Not just for themselves
Nor for what others
May force upon them to do
The people matter
Not just a few
For each are
Of the people
So we vote by the people
For the one person
Who we believe
Has our ‘The Peoples’
Best methods
Of supporting us
Of making our lives better
Of making the world healthier
And to share compassion
And mercy daily


Vote our voice

As our vote is

Our voice

To be heard

Opportunities, maybe

I see a crack in the window…

many doors have shut…

some have slammed into my face…

some unanswered calls…

somehow that crack in the window

holds something dear…

I move closer…there is a light waves

reaching forth out of the depths…

gravitating towards me…

I hunger for its wisdom…

I hunger for its path…

unknowing where it may lead…

my lust for something new

and different excites me…

I must follow…


I step up…here I am…

ready or not…I am here now…

thank you for the crack in the window~pharris2011

Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day
We often talk about wanting truth
But we seldom strive to find it
Sure we look or listen or read
Deep down, we still want our illusions
Many we have learned
Some are forced upon us as true
Occasionally we hide them
For we don’t want them to be true
Or we don’t believe they are true
And some we just want them to go away
Sometimes the lies are so much more
Believable or acceptable by society
So we give in to the lies as if they were true
There are some people who will never let us
Decide or know the truth
Others who will claim someone lies
While that person is struggling
To make sure the truth is heard
No matter the cost and that is the truth
Maybe one day we will be able
To listen, to read, to see
What the truth is in our world
I hope we strive to understand the truth
When we finally get to know it is true
Our world is complex and we spend time
Trying to over simplify it to our vision
When the world is pure wonderment
We need only to open our hearts
By Pauline Harris

Earthlings, We Are

Earthlings we are
Earthlings we will always be
As we may one day venture
Beyond our earthly planet
Home is here on earth
For us, you and me
We have so much in common
But we strive to point out
What is so different
We are forever Earthlings
Both you and me

A Light Shines ON

Be still my heart
The earth trembles
Fires spew out
From the earth’s crust
Furies of discourse roar
Strongly to threaten justice
Truth speaking in whispers
Twisted words taking lead
Smoke easing out
Poisoning all, but going unnoticed
As focus is on mirrors
Cracks do appear
Opening up as the morning star
Rises in the east
Bridging more than just friends
Bringing together hope
A light shines its way
Into the hearts of us
Everyday and everyway
With answers to end all hate
And bring poverty to an end
Delusional visions still mask
Those who only see themselves
We can prevail and making this world
A world for all, not just those who think
There are limits in a world of unending hope
Love will win, if we choose to see
With our hearts, not just our minds
by Pauline Harris

Shadows Deep

Years had passed
Since I saw you last
Our lives had once
Been full of promise
The dreams we had
Were set in a distant land
Separations happened
We moved ourselves apart
Our journeys led astray
Focus and will come along
After moments went ablunder
The time of change has come
Believing in love will last forever
And always
For today is not the day we die
But the time to realize
We have come a long way
Only to discover much more
Is found in love shared
Desire to move forward
No longer bond in shadows
We must seek compassion
The Grace will show the way
Walking alone does nothing
Heartsmiles deliver much
Cracks within walls lead
To the light of the true path
Now to follow the pebbles stones
by Pauline Harris

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