Heartsmiles in Light

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Taking Time

Whisper from the Forest
by Pauline Harris

Faintly in the distant
Was heard a sound
A murmur of a noise
Not very loud
Hardly even bothering
But it persisted
Rambling on
And on further
Growing louder

Now almost unbearable
Reaching inwards
Into the the gut
The sound vibrates
Annoying at present

Clap my hands to my ears
Still the noise comes forth

Time to get up
And walk 
Into the woods
We go together

Trying to find
A clue of what
Is making those
Dreadful sounds

As we walk closer
The sound is more
Apparent, more real

We walk further in

Only to find
The answer
Was …
A cry from nature
For us to come
And visit sometimes
And enjoy the beauty
From the within
The forest trees

Puddles Deep Within

Soon after
The mists had gone
Puddles appeared
Within the forest
Saturated ground
Accumulated with tears
Sent to earth
From angels above
Unheard cries
Of tortured souls
Ring truths to know
Weary and burdened
Attempts to survive
Only to be forced to hide
To find shelter
Amongst the forest deep
Where dragons roam
And keep gold aplenty
As their beds resting
Quietly in the forest deep
A splash awakens
The dragon
From slumber
No longer
All run and splash
In the puddles
So deep
Deep within the forest
No one can hear
No one can sleep
For fear of the unknown
Is forever keeping us
Running in puddles
In the deep forest
By Pauline Harris

Fly Away Robins


Quietly in dusk as the sun
Subtly went to lay and rest
Chirping sounds grew amongst the trees
Calling forth the angels to guide
And give safe passage to all
Those believers who mind the stories
As the ancient ones foretold
A woman would become known
As the whisperer to the Robins
Take heed and watch for her guidance
For the truth will come to light
As she let’s love guide all
By Pauline Harris

Step Aside

(Inspiration:  a photo of a broken stainglass window with trees in the background)

Out walking through the forest trees
Stumbling upon a massive mansion
Ruined years ago, broken glass everywhere
Stained glass panels still presenting beauty
Whispering winds tell of days gone by
Eleborate dinners and parties
Music, poetry, festive venues
Merriment, joyful dancing
Splendor at its finest

Until one dreadful fire
Took all the wonder
Of what once was away
Now just echoes
And ghostly visions
Bringing to light
The ruins to explore
Both in body and mind
…by Pauline Harris

Light Showing the Way

The long walk

into the woods

led us astray

we looked for

a way out

but nothing seemed

to express a solution

finally we stopped

for a moment

to rest and recoup

in our moment

of need, a light


giving us new hope

deep within

we knew to follow

it guided us to

safety and renewed hope

…by Pauline Harris

Rainy Day Joyneys

Scene Note: A Stack of books
sit by the window.
Raining outside with
a beautiful view of
trees and beyond.
Rainy day travels
Exploring joyneys
Within, remembering
Days of youth
Filled with flare
A smile appears
When crystals
Become rainbow – makers
A precious doll
Brings comfort
To one who brought
Joy to so many
The petty quarrels
Sisters have becoming
Full fledged friends
The joyneys we have
Both within and about …by Pauline Harris

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