A Moment of Solitude

A Moment of Solitude
By Pauline Harris
* * *
Sitting quietly
In the stillness
Of this moment

The trees rustling
As the wind whispers
Quietly softly
Tender echoes
Of memories
Long since passed

I reach out
Trying to grasp
One memory

Alas, it is gone

Looking around
At all the trees
Surrounding me,
Every corner

The roots beneath me
Growing strong
And sturdy
Holding all above
With strength
And complexity

The trunk of the tree
Supporting me as I lean

Branches overhead
Providing shade

As the tree breathes
Oxygen flows through the air
Providing me breaths

And I return my gratitude
While breathing out
And also tenderly
Caring for the roots,
The trunk, and branches

Helping each other
Where we are
Together growing

Magnolia Dreams

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Magnolia Dreams
by Pauline Harris

Mystic Oak

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature
This photo art piece took about 3 hours of working to complete from my own photos.


Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature, possible text that says 'Healing hugs and sparkling Heartsmiles by Pauline Harris Art Photography'


Painted Oak Tree

No photo description available.

By Pauline Harris

Tree Bark Art

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I took a photo of some parts of a tree. Later, I used an app to make it into an artpiece. By Pauline Harris

A Tree Stump

A Tree Stump
By Pauline Harris

Cut and left
Here to rot
Drying up
Of what 
Once was

Only to
The present 
In time
Here now
Of a life
Once lived

To inspire 
To carry on 
Ever after

Mystical Night


Standing alone
A breeze brushed
My arm
Sending shivers
Down my spine

My attention changes
Challenged by
A new presence

A moment focusing
A tap on my shoulder
And instantly awoken
As if only a dream

Standing tall
Under the moonlight
We begin to dance
In the shadows
Of the trees

Freely swaying
And galloping
Around and around

Lost in the motions
Time forgotten
Freely laughing
Clear minutes
Of pure joy
Etascy experienced

A buzzing sound
Gaining speed
Getting louder
My alarm wakes me

Distant memories
Of my dream dance
Dancing in the moonlight
And in the shadows
Oh, one day I shall return
Until then…just memories

By Pauline Harris

The Tree Grew

Beginning from seed

Guided by the wind

Taken by forces

Realized and Unknown

Scattered around

Some planted in ground

But this one found

A rock to brighten

Forcing its way

Through the cracks

And crevasses

No more determined

To be underground

A force to be re-connected with

Understanding true self

Making the powerful voice

Heard without measure

Gracefully arising and showing expression

This tree was once just a seedling

And now is fully grown and understood

…by Pauline Harris

Rooted Trees Bare Fruit

Basically guided when planted from seed
Nourished by earthly nutrients
And liquid joy sprung from water
Settling in to spread roots
And begin to break ground
Finding ways to explore the world
Spreading branches in new directions
Believing and achieving creative innovations
To move towards the light
And baring joy-filled fruit
But not all are happy
They had different views not fruitful
Some bared fruit, now being rejected
Patiently guided to follow the light
Not always taking on all, selective
Breathing and adjusting to make whole
The path is always bumpy cultivating

Ending in the fruit of wisdom
…by Pauline Harris

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