Bird Feeding Ladies

Feeding birds
Fun talks
Watching folks

One day I noticed the ladies
Sitting by the lake feeding birds
I thought how sweet they were
As time went on curiosity took
Me along to make me want
To know more, what made them
Have so much joy and love
I approached them cautiously as I
Did not want to ruin their
Ways. Asking how to bring joy
Into my life. I listened intently.
They said to listen to love
As love surrounds us all here
To open my eyes with observing
Taking time to breathe is key
Listening to them, I found I
Was one of them, now found
Hoping to see more bird feeders
Awaken to the world alive again
…by Pauline Harris

The Floating Leaf

(inspiration: memories along with a photo a child standing in leaves as one falls from a surrounding tree)

Falling all around leaves leaving trees
Multitude of colours blanketing the ground
Looking up, I see one ready
Unattached and dancing fluidly down, down
Whispering wind easing grip, gliding…floating…
I dance with the amazing leaf
Swirling in unison…swaying…dizzy now
Both laying on the covered ground
Oh my head, rest now sleep
…by Pauline Harris

Long Ago I Was Beautiful

Tenderly we began
Our courtship
First as friends
Until that day
You simply said
‘You are beautiful’
Speechless and blushing
I looked into your eyes
And suddenly realized
How much we meant
To one another and wept
Comforting me
We embraced
I twirled your hair
And wanted so much
The moment
To last
Life went on
We went
Our separate ways
Still to this day
I remember
You called me
Yes me, beautiful
And I am eternally
…by Pauline Harris

The Lone Rose

(inspiration: a photo of a rose at the edge of a puddle while raining)

Sitting as raindrops
As you are
No longer
Of tears
Me near
Lost without
You close dear
Knowing our love
Will carry us both on
Without dimensions
Through infinity
No more fear
My love
I miss you
So dearly
Time for me
To carry on
In hopes
In dreams
In life
…by Pauline Harris

Continuing Cycles

(inspiration:  a photo of a stack of tattered pages.  On the top page is typed ‘Sometimes life is like a round:  each end is a beginning’)

Closing one door, opening the window
A tiny crack full of gratitude
Showers new perceptions bringing new life
Reality changes with knowledge researched
Understanding not all as some perceive
Accepting respect for each other
Continually learning from the whole world
Taking a whisper to make real
Hold fast to true convictions
Willing to respect tolerance
Finding the way back
To build on solid ground
Gratitude for those past future
Here and now creating love unbound
…by Pauline Harris

Balloon, Take Me Away

(Inspiration: a painting of someone on a rooftop with a hot air balloon in the distance)

Sitting on the rooftop
Looking out amongst
The fantasies in Dreamland
Like a rebel deep within
I needed to plan an escape
All around were naysayers
Or those in command
Creative types were
Invisible and not seen
As worthy, even though
Their products were used
Extensively everywhere
So seeing the hot air balloon
In it would be my refuge
Up and out to explore
Places full of adventure
Off, off and away we go
…by Pauline Harris

Future Love

Hoping others didn’t see me drool
My love is real for you
Only my eyes can see your soul
Together one day we shall be
Can’t wait to see that day
Until us, patiently I will wait
By Pauline Harris

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