The Day of the Smiles

“This story began with a smile. One day, I woke up and was rather happy. So I smiled. My eggs for breakfast did not crack right. I spilled some water for my tea. Yet I smiled. Got into my car and had forgotten my purse. So went back inside with a smile. I figured there is a plan for this day, not my plan. I will go with the flow. On my way, someone passed me then turned to get off on the next exit. Another person sped passed me weaving in and out. I took my time. Later on saw the one who was speeding in an accident and hoped everyone was okay. Lastly, I saw this man on the corner not dressed very well holding up a sign. I thought to myself, he is probably another homeless person wanting food. However, I was wrong. The sign simply said smile. The guy looked at me and pointed to the sign. I smiled and so did he.”~pharris

Searching For Snow

Every winter and even some in fall
The distant flakes begin to fall
Gathering their dust for us all
To make snow angels in the snow
But this year, some have not seen a flake
While others cry for assistance
For those who wait for the snow
I will listen for the echoes in the wind
And hear those shouts for joy to begin
For me, I will be shocked if we see any
But am glad to see so many enjoy
The festive joy each flake brings
And the smiles and icicles on the faces
Love to all these festive days…
By Pauline Harris

Shadowed Love

Waiting for so very long
Someone will come along
Find me here, be true
Who can this one be
Flicks of laughter crack the code
Screaming silently of whispering wind
Gentle angel tears guide the path
Genuine smiles warm my heart
At home in these arms
Filled with grace and gentleness
Respecting each other, we walk on
Through the misty fogs of uncertainty
Onto the path dreams foretold
Freedom at last with company
Thank you my friend, my heart to be
…by Pauline Harris

Aura of Angels

A simple smile
Whispers momentous joy
Reaching the hearts
Of millions in one gesture
Spreading comfort to all
And them continuing the journey
Peaceful times unfolded
Warmth and laughter ensued
Singing and dancing
Sharing meals
Powerful presences
The angelic blessings
…by Pauline Harris

Once Again, Obviously Yes

Thoughts and actions lead us here
Deciding to take another vantage point
Brought some squabbles along with peace
Interdependence and following the Divine Light
Walking with joy in my heart
Finally I see love engulfs me
…by Pauline Harris

Summer Sunsetting Days End

(inspiration: a photo of a person walking on the beach at sunset)

Orange glowing evening sun bowing head
Another brightness dimmed instead of shining
Brightly one day walking in sand
Watching the crashing waves come closer
Awakening to the reality, once feared
No longer days of pure joy
As rules change without true notice
Secretly what was once our ways
Have been discarded for specific sameism
No longer freedoms to choose us
Focused upon the setting summer sun
Willing to be grateful for hope
Hoping tomorrow brings seasons of gratitude
Although knowing saddened hearts survive today
Goodbye summer’s glow, sweet misty rain
Take us to the beach again
…by Pauline Harris


Gentle words of love and courage

Sacred spirit shared with all believers
Beyond words of wisdom, a notion
To carry on expressing joyful giving

Souls awakened beyond this earthly realm
Accomplishing peace everlasting. it is
…by Pauline Harris

Bird Feeding Ladies

Feeding birds
Fun talks
Watching folks

One day I noticed the ladies
Sitting by the lake feeding birds
I thought how sweet they were
As time went on curiosity took
Me along to make me want
To know more, what made them
Have so much joy and love
I approached them cautiously as I
Did not want to ruin their
Ways. Asking how to bring joy
Into my life. I listened intently.
They said to listen to love
As love surrounds us all here
To open my eyes with observing
Taking time to breathe is key
Listening to them, I found I
Was one of them, now found
Hoping to see more bird feeders
Awaken to the world alive again
…by Pauline Harris

The Floating Leaf

(inspiration: memories along with a photo a child standing in leaves as one falls from a surrounding tree)

Falling all around leaves leaving trees
Multitude of colours blanketing the ground
Looking up, I see one ready
Unattached and dancing fluidly down, down
Whispering wind easing grip, gliding…floating…
I dance with the amazing leaf
Swirling in unison…swaying…dizzy now
Both laying on the covered ground
Oh my head, rest now sleep
…by Pauline Harris

Long Ago I Was Beautiful

Tenderly we began
Our courtship
First as friends
Until that day
You simply said
‘You are beautiful’
Speechless and blushing
I looked into your eyes
And suddenly realized
How much we meant
To one another and wept
Comforting me
We embraced
I twirled your hair
And wanted so much
The moment
To last
Life went on
We went
Our separate ways
Still to this day
I remember
You called me
Yes me, beautiful
And I am eternally
…by Pauline Harris

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