The Crooked Safety

For so long, I thought of
How safe I was with you
Only to discover recently the truth
Pretending to comfort me
But I
I need time to think for myself
Our journey together is over now
Pack your things
And be gone
Goodbye forever the one I trusted most
By Pauline Harris
Inspiration: A photo of 2 Crooked Safety Pins

Cherished Loved Ones

Visiting the graves is a tradition
Many keep this time of year
Strict to bring flowers or ornaments
Expressing love and clearing of graves
They make it point to tell others
Of their good deeds
Telling how much they cared
For even those ones they never knew
Cherished memories passed down through life
From one to another, sharing traditions
And carrying them forward in life
…by Pauline Harris

Two Stories Intertwine

Lonely walkers spend time hiking trails
Each trail telling a different story
One day the books fell down
Opening up, showing progress. ..finding something
Common ground. A friendship began flourishing
Two souls united to tell stories
As one …forever and always together
…by Pauline Harris

Take Me Away Book

Picking up a book to read
Carries one off on a joyney
To faraway places and times
Characters in the books become more
Alive and guide, inspire, encourage
And yes, warn of fear…love
Each tale taking the reader away
Even for just a moment
Rescuing some. Encouraging others
Time has come for each
Of us to take a look
Deep within and read a story
Taking the joyney as a reader
….by Pauline Harris

Joint Relationship

He brought the thread
To thread my needle
Each of us doing our part
Jointly and freely
Friendly games
Comforting conversations
Cuddling and exploring
Taking time to do chores together
Finding joy and peace
In our connections
…by Pauline Harris

Life Worth Living

Once upon a time,
A girl once thought
She was nothing to
Anyone and that
No one cared;
But she found
Out she does mean
Something to
The world outside
But she had to
Find out she meant
Something to
Herself first
She dreamt a dream
And it came true
How she meant
To be something
True to someone
And that is who
That matters

Lighted Joyney

A light show

in the distant clouds

reminds one of a time.

A time of pretending

of dancing with

music…boom, boom

crackle, clash, ding.

Then a distant friend

shows up

out of no where

and brings delight

and thoughts of

once upon a time

we went for a walk

and on that walk

we came across

a bumpy hill.

Oh the stories

we came up

with about that hill

and how it came to be.

Never really knowing

whether any of

our stories were true,

but oh my

the fun we had.

Just living life.


Each of us

A story to be told

and to live.

Some say forget

the past

it is gone forever,

but memories bring

to light

so much…

and the connections

we make can last a lifetime

and sometimes longer.

Thanks for the joyney

and the stories to carry on.

~Pauline Harris 2013

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