The Drop of Rain

The Drop of Rain

By Pauline Harris

Vapors gathered

As winds picked up

Clouds forming

Droplets moving

Within the clouds

Slowly gaining strength

Momentum to move


As directed by wind streams

Gusts move this way

And thrown that way

Suddenly a drop

Raindrop falls down

Reaching the ground

Starting a puddle

Another and another

Combining forces

Making ripples

Circles spanning out

One ripple connecting

With so many others

All engulfed in the puddles

Carrying on expanding

Making a stream

Down towards the river

Flowing into the ocean

Always one drop

Among so many

Single and yet together

Making the whole connection

Birds on the Pier, Stormy Weather

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Hints of Rain


Drops had collected
Upon the flowers and leaves
Creating optical mirrors 
For all to look deeply
Inside only to see
A reflection of now
And not what is to be
By Pauline Harris

All It Takes Is One Raindrop

One Raindrop

A calm breeze began
Picking up speed
Humidity rising
Sweat beginning to form
Feeling warm chills
All up and down
Thoughts of preparing
Momentary lapse
Prioritize this and that
Feeling awkward
As no sign happening is occurring
No clear path
And yet prepare for the worse
And then one raindrop falls
Making haste, second guessing
Thunder in the distance
Another drop forming a puddle
Drips creating ripples
Moments of time
Stand still
If only for a minute
Thinking the storm has passed
Lightning strikes the tree
Bursting it, shattering it
Fire burning
Engulfing nearby objects
Fear creeps in
Must move on now
Terrified of whats more to come
Grab bags and jump into the car
By Pauline Harris

The Window

Sitting here, gazing
Looking at all the streaks
Raindrops have fallen
Patterns developed
Sadness overcame me
Tears run away with my soul
Thoughts of comfort beseech me
As I realized some just told
Stories they had heard
Traditions without love
For the love was just show
Show and tell, barely caring
Saying to believe, but
What of knowing the truth
Be of service, but always respectful
Yes opinions do matter in time
Tearful goodbyes. ..true caring
Lost without a face
The reflection in the window
Is an illusion
Truth be told
Maybe the dash is all
All that life is
The only impact we make
Is during the time
In the dash
Reflected back in memories
And distant recordings
Tears and windows
Shed light on our reflection
…by Pauline Harris

The Lone Rose

(inspiration: a photo of a rose at the edge of a puddle while raining)

Sitting as raindrops
As you are
No longer
Of tears
Me near
Lost without
You close dear
Knowing our love
Will carry us both on
Without dimensions
Through infinity
No more fear
My love
I miss you
So dearly
Time for me
To carry on
In hopes
In dreams
In life
…by Pauline Harris

Single Drop of Water


A thirst


my mouth, and


deeply down

my throat.

I look up

in lust

as someone walks by

with a big glass of water.

Heavy my heart,

as I focus upon

that glass of water.

I desire it with

all of my very being.

Slowly, I rise

as not to fret



as I am


to reach my desire.

One drop

of rain

touches my


No, I said.

That is not what I desire.

Another drop

brushes my cheek.

The glass of water

is long gone.

A tear forms


my eye.

My heart wrenches

and hardens

as my fist



I return inside

and go to

get a drink

of water.

My heart flutters

as I discover


has poured

one for each of us.

Smiles break

out and joy

ignites as

we drink

our water.

~Pauline Harris

Misty Rain Visited

Misty Rain Visited

Days of hearing of
expected rain
this system will
bring rain
the next system has
a cold front with it
rain will come
there is a band
coming from here
rain will come
No rain came

A big storm headed
in this direction
rain will come
a dry draft
prevented the system
from fully developing
rain will come
No rain came

High humidity
clouds forming
rain will come
Drops appear
just drops
Bedtime now
dream of rain
dream of a raindance
Dance for rain
And the rains came
Misty rain
Subtle drops
Puddles made
Gentle Rain

The rains did come
Misty rain came to visit
and stay just awhile
The trickle of the drops
Just enough to make a smile
Misty rain did come

Rippling Droplets

During a rainstorm at dusk, there were ripples forming as the droplets of rain came down.  Each unique drop making its own statement with the formation of the ripple.  Look at me, look at what I can make, I helped…these droplets were saying.  psrainripples2013

Rain Drops Oneness

Rain Drops…

the pitter patter of

each drop reaching

from a distant

land to drop just

here and there…

something borrowed from

another time and place…

brought here

to fill our minds and bodies

with grace…the pitter patter

talks of days gone by…

and allows for newness to arrive…

bringing a sense of growth…

Oneness felt within…

together we begin…


giving…inspiring…and loving

oneness anew…

hear the sound pitter patter…

listen intently pitter patter…

here we are…together

on a journey

with raindrops as

one guide to oneness.~pharris2013

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