One Raindrop

One Raindrop

A calm breeze began
Picking up speed
Humidity rising
Sweat beginning to form
Feeling warm chills
All up and down 

Thoughts of preparing
Momentary lapse
Prioritize this and that
Feeling awkward
As no sign happening is occurring
No clear path
And yet prepare for the worse
And then one raindrop falls
Making haste, second guessing
Thunder in the distance
Another drop forming a puddle
Drips creating ripples
Moments of time
Stand still
If only for a minute 

Thinking the storm has passed
Lightning strikes the tree
Bursting it, shattering it
Fire burning
Engulfing nearby objects
Fear creeps in
Must move on now
Terrified of whats more to come
Grab bags and jump into the car
By Pauline Harris

A Storm Came


With the darkness
An eerie calm arose
All was quiet and still
Waiting for the storm
To make itself known

Destruction was predestined

Preparations made
In order for all to go well
Prayers spoken

The long wait began
As no more could be done
Tension was thick
As the winds began
Flashes of lights
Streamed across the sky
Barrels of thunder clasped
And rippled into each dwelling

Tears formed
As the rain fell
A shout echoed
As thunder roared

Suddenly quiet

Breathing deeply
A moment to think
Review all advice
Freely choosing a path
For reflection

And then
The winds
The rains
The floods
All at once
For hours

Vibrations silenced
The storm has passed
Resting from
Cleanup and check out
To come later

Quietly resting
Body recuperating
Mind needs stillness
Breathing deeply
Sleeping at long last

By Pauline Harris

The Day It Didn’t Rain


The forecast had said rain
Lots of rain for the week ahead
Plans were set for the plants
To stay outside and get watered
Nature would provide
Nourishment and more
All the neighbors prepared
For the floods to appear
As so often with rains
The water rises
And so does some fears
Geared for this rain
Events were cancelled
And some rescheduled
The weather people exclaim
The importance of being ready
Readying ourselves
We prepared all we could
And the day foretold came
Surely our preperations
Would not go in vain
No rain came that day
Or the next
The weather people
Were distraught
We were confused
How could we have
Been led so far
Discovering we needed
To prepare for life itself
Some storms may come
But not all predicted
Events come to pass
…by Pauline Harris

Leaves of Motion

Each time daylight brings an interlude
Swaying in all sorts of directions
At first guided by changing winds
However always falling as nature intended
Recycling life patterns amongst dying leaves
Making way for progression taking flight
Distant memories don’t recall forewarned futures/past
Momentary glimpses puzzling all perspective onlookers
Tears from heaven whisper last rites
Carefully treading to spread respectful intrigue
Stating ‘this, too, will pass’
…by Pauline Harris

Autumn Bonfire

Over the week
We gathered branches
All shapes and sizes
Praying in our minds
Please no rain
The mound grew and grew
Ten feet tall and ten feet around

Gathering our crowd all around
Quiet, not making a sound
Lighting candles and fire both
Our eyes lit up with the bonfire
Our hearts ablaze with delight
And maybe a little fright
Sparks shoot out
Standing back
Amazed for a bit
As time passes
Dullness sets in
Chatter on the rise
Careful, not too close
Flames are cooling down

A guitar is brought forth
Singing in tow
Songs bursting from pipes
Festive delights
Calming the heart
A wonderful ending
To the night

Until next gathering
…by Pauline Harris

Lightning Dancer

Days of storms
Had driven many inside
For safety
Reasonings had failed
To convince her
She continued along
Her adventure
Through the wanderings
Near the lightning poles
She had heard stories
Of amazing talents
To be gained if only
She could withstand
The great light storms
She knew how great
The challenge could be
As her own sister was lost
Or so the story was told to her
Determined, she carried her brallie
Secure in her decision
The lightning will come
As it may come
Dancing to her soul’s song
Moving in exquisite directions
Her spirit led her to this moment
She has become her destiny
The Lightning Dancer Pauline Harris

Rain Gear At The Ready

Storms are on the horizon
Making their way inland westward approaching
Seemingly each year the winds pick up
Bringing pouring rains and thunderstorms along
Gathering wellies, raincoat, and brally
Readying for the dance in rain
Flooded walkways and streets, treading cautiously
Splitter, splatter…Splish splosh…swish, swash
Splash along the walkway home
Enjoying every minute after hot days
Ready to invite smiles and laughter
Into the very being of now
Let us play splishing and splashing
Enjoying the moments of pure joy
…by Pauline Harris

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