Why Poetry?

Poetry speaks to the soul…for poetry enables the reader and hearer to know the connection between the word and the spirit that has endured the test of time…Pharris


Poetry, Important?

Why Poetry is Important…

Poetry brings to life…emotions and daily living…thoughts and moments in time…words become more than life itself…when poets express life

Words Inspired

(Inspired by a painting of a transformation from a book to butterflies)
Calm day brought to us
After many hectic ones
Focus changed
Challenges accepted
Words did appear
As figments once
Dreamt about
Writings on the wall
Inside my head
Filtered out
With hand, pen, and paper
Here written words
Floating into flutterbies
Forever inspiring others
By Pauline Harris

The Joyney of the Poet

The very soul of the poet
Has led her to take this moment
Not knowing where the words lead
Through the open crack
Within the wall
Tempting others to follow suit
However only purity
Of each breath and step
Can lead one down this joyney
Although many have seen
The outcome is to become
Here is the choice for the poet
To elevate all who whisper
The love true to becoming one
And create a unifying place
Where all can become wholly
With wonderment within
By Pauline Harris

Aura of Angels

A simple smile
Whispers momentous joy
Reaching the hearts
Of millions in one gesture
Spreading comfort to all
And them continuing the journey
Peaceful times unfolded
Warmth and laughter ensued
Singing and dancing
Sharing meals
Powerful presences
The angelic blessings
…by Pauline Harris

Scattered Book Dreams

Cleverly I write
Whimsical words
Into books of
Poetry and Prose
Positioning self
To freely gain
Life’s offerings
No one the same
Yet some similar
All my own
Turn great today
Fully ready
Delivery complete
Finished product
By Pauline Harris

Inviting Blue-Brown Rail

Shades of brown
and of blues.
So intriguing.
Drawing me
me with the
double heart.
to move
beyond the
scope of what
is laying
before my eyes.
Alluring steps
to the known
but yet
unknown entities
surround me.
Must travel.
To be who.
Myself. Or
this persona,
society dictates.
Even following
all the rules,
a slip can
lead down.
a hand
reaches out.
catches me.
I am
in motion.
Once again,
living. By Pauline Harris

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