A Friend’s Dad



Learning at a young age

Respect and obey elders

However there are exceptions

But I did not know that then


LH was my neighbour

Who lived in the house

Behind mine at the time


We went to school together

And often played together

Her mother took many trips

Her dad took LH and me

To the beach and other places

Innocent times in the beginning


At the beach, we played tag

In the water.

Fun at first

Chasing one another

Tagging until…

I felt hands where

Where there shouldn’t be

Hands, no hands go there


Then my tied top

Was untied I screamed

But LH’s dad said

This is all part of the fun

Embarrassed and scared

I swam to shore

Got in my towel

And hugged myself


Sometime later after hearing

Over and over

How I was to obey and respect elders


LH’s father asked if I wanted

To see a special room

Where LH’s mother kept

Her dolls and special fans

They were beautiful


LH’s father said he would teach me

Some special things

But if I told anyone

He would hurt my family

Very special things

That all good fathers

Teach their daughters

Scared for my family

I had to protect my family

I had to obey my elder

No one to talk to

I did as I was told

I was just a young girl

And he was not the only one

And I was not alone


A child no longer can trust

Those who abuse that trust

By Pauline Harris


(Yes, I did get counseling years later, but somethings can never be fully forgotten or recovered from)


The Rise of Language

The Human Connection

A touch of the skin
Led to a hug
And a sign of comfort
Kissing entered the stream
Knots and marks
Denoting thoughts
Leading to words, numbers, and phrases
Language grew intensely
Along with exchanges
New looks, foods,
Clothing, shelter, and more
All becoming communication
The rise of education
And laws to make a norm
Writing, painting, talking,
Innovation, and implementation
Creating ideas to flow
Fears lead to controlling powers
Conflicts and resolutions
Justice and grace
Sensing loss and silence
Changing thoughts to love instead
Learning from the past
Attempting new paths
Ultimately making connections
For the world can continue anew
By Pauline Harris

Miles Before I Wake

Scenes of life passing by
Trees and towns
People living all around
Partial glimpses into
What was thought
As ordinary
Some learning rules
Others living them
A few breaking barriers
Setting trends or standing ground
The destination unknown
Although much do speculate
And many do believe
Nothing guaranteed
Tangled promises
Joys desired
Silenced into submission
Hearts unfurled
Obedience is law
Freedom only perceived
Trains seldom stop
Long journey ahead
Miles before I wake
Searching for the destination
Scenes will disappear
Traveling through life
By Pauline Harris

Good Day To You

The gentleman came a calling on me
Dressed so nicely and so prestigious
I thought to myself how kind
Instantly taken into a world
A world not my own anymore
Disguised as luxury, I followed
Following without cares nor emotions
Totally succumbed to this gentleman’s whims
Until he touched me without asking
Taking me into his grasp
Hands in places I shall not speak of
Torn to pieces were my clothes
Ravaged and broken
Monster behind the man’s mask
Taken again
No screams of joy
No longer
Body conflicted
Treated like a rag doll
More horrors yet to come
Missing me, because you
Had to have some fun
Never again will I trust you
Never again will I see you
I need some time to recover
I will never again be that me
By Pauline Harris

The Dance

Upon the stage, the curtain began to rise
The audience quieted quickly amongst themselves
Silence began with a loud bang
Two dancers pranced their way onto stage
Music on the rise
Gently and slowly, the swirls of twirls
Began to explode upon the stage
Grabbing all to view the mystique
A story is being told through rhythm
And movements to engage all
Allowing each to be carried away
Dancing within the minds
Carried away, far away
In a dreamland of sorts
To engage for the purpose of wonderment
Drifting back as the dance
Slowly comes to an end
Leaving all with an experience
Like no other…let us do this again.
by Pauline Harris

Coma Clown

Stories were told of the clowns
Some drawn out romantic tales
Stating the glories and overall fun
The chance came for her day
Opening the tent she entered crawling
Smiles and laughter surrounding every corner
Of the Big Top center tent
Terrified down to the very bones
She whimpered, the audience laughed outrageously
Trembling with such terrifying fear, pausing
The clown cried outloud, ‘no,
Please stop. There has been a
Murder.’ The audience thought the act
Continued until the police showed up.
…by Pauline Harris

Heaven’s Doorway

One day appeared a great doorway
So massive and crowning with warmth
The light reflected from all who gazed
Welcoming as all approached
Here it was, here on Earth
Light Beings were amazed and in awe
Wonderment was here at last
Only the chosen who awoke this day
Could be in the presence
Of the gateway, breathing
Many stopped to gaze
Imagining the joy
All who enter will receive
Basking in the presence
Of the love surrounding
Here was the first time
Some could only dream of
Walking feet first
Laughter and tears
A new dawning has appeared
Tread softly for the fearful
Dance in glee for that be
Much comfort fills the soul
Come and becon others to follow
Here is the doorway we desire
Love and blessings comfort us always
With gratitude we accept our destiny
By Pauline Harris

Tales of Drinking To Find Self

Many had told tales
Of their drunken ways
So proud with no veil
They spoke of how happy
They were and how
Wonderful the feeling
Of being so free
Just to be themselves
For a little while
I thought it odd
How they could not
Be truly themselves
One day I decided
To give it a try
I drank this and that
Not a worry in sight
I was with some friends
And one who would drive
No drinking for him
Until we all were home again
The drinks were good
I walked kind of funny
My head was unclear
Which way was up
So know I understood
What all the tales
Were about, But
Still I pondered
That a true blessing
Was I could be me
Without the drink
And no need to hide
…by Pauline Harris


To look at each soul
With love and see
Beyond the physical
To see the Divine
Joy and blessings
To all… and hugs
For we all need
An Understanding
Beyond words
…by Pauline Harris

Lady On Edge of Cliff

Wind torn
Standing on
The cliff edge
Gazing out
To see something new
Awaken me
Keep me
Catch me
In the song
The sweet
Wind softly
A gust catches
I am thrown
To one side
I reach out
To grasp
Of what
Used to be
Of the past
Float on by
Moments caught
By you and I
Only to disappear
Once again
A tear
…by Pauline Harris

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