They Returned

They Returned

By Pauline Harris

Many moons had passed

After walking onto that plane

Taking them off to distant lands

Some knew ahead of time

They may not make it back

All wrote a letter for home

Carrying a photo of a loved one

Close to their heart in a pocket

Courage in each silent opportunity

Cautious in movements

Especially in the dark

Not sure of enemies in plain sight

Friends at one time, soon departed

Rotations, Rations, Heat, Sweat

Intense relations, high stress

A long awaited care package

Dry, not so fresh cookies

Shampoo, soap, toothbrush

Comics and homemade cards

All bringing a much needed smile

Tears wiped from those eyes

Brush off the dust

Return to normal pace

Onwatch until relieved

Keep awake, keep awake

Alert to each movement

No matter how small

A child one day, now gone

Another grown up looking in

Each can be enemy or friend

No one is for certain

Time tells no lies

But the dead hands

Only keep the clock alive twice in a day

Stories unwritten

In the secrets they could tell

No one can fully understand

What it was like for them

Over there,


Over there

Now they have returned

Never the same as when they left

Secrets written on their hearts

No one really knows

No one really wins

When peace is going to last

Except those who were silenced

Before they returned

Each side with a mission for peace

And freedom to last

Will peace prevail

In a world desiring

Their way is the path

Do they listen to those silenced

Do they listen to those at peace

They all return home, never the same

All want freedom and peace

Silence speaks volumes



Beyond the stillness
Of the moment
Behind the quiet
Calmness amounts
Leading to now
Here we go
Time to relax
Rest well
Sleep well
Time for peace
At long last
By Pauline Harris

Escaping For Peace

Broken free from pressing working bonds
Hardly rewarded for bloody sweat given
Tormented by those wanting more…ugh
At last given a free chance
To discover there is breathing space
…by Pauline Harris

Raven Angel

Come Calling for wisdom
Head held high
Listening intently for advice
For guidance
Searching widely within perimeters
Holding to ways of old
Respecting new directions
Seeing future, past
All cultivating presently now
Wonderment found
If only for a moment
Breathing helps
Making atonement
External Love unconditionally
Respecting all true
Dissolving fears
Forgiving and moving on
Affirming loving presence
Being Wholly One
Resting in peace
…by Pauline Harris


Gentle words of love and courage

Sacred spirit shared with all believers
Beyond words of wisdom, a notion
To carry on expressing joyful giving

Souls awakened beyond this earthly realm
Accomplishing peace everlasting. it is
…by Pauline Harris

No Words, Just Hugs

No words, only hugs
And heartfelt prayers
For the whole world
As we learn we
Are not alone
As we learn we
Truly need one
Another… for too
Long we have turned
A blind eye… but
Now some are waking
To the fact… we
Need one another
And we need to
Learn how to
Get along…
No longer relying on
Eye an I…
Instead learning to
Forgive. Forgiving
Includes learning
To make peace
With oneself
And respecting
All involved…
Truly learning
To carry on with life.
May blessings and hugs
Find there way into
Each of our lives – Pharris

Waves as painted by Pauline Harris

These waves are part of a painting...I just love the movement they express.

These waves are part of a painting…I just love the movement they express.

being a military brat

Your dad is off

training somewhere

for something

when you are born


the earth shakes

not even a month

after your arrival

here on earth


you take your first

plane trip

before you can walk

or talk


you move lots of times

not knowing if

you will have friends

or a place to live


you attend schools

in a foreign land

learn to speak


learn to eat


learn to dress



Oh when you do

come back to the states

you are treated diffently

you are different

and yet somehow

the same


Overseas you are

ridiculed for being

one thing

many times threatened

for being you


And yet when

you return

you are ridiculed

and talked down to

and threatened


Some in authority

take more

they say

you are supposed

to learn this

and I will teach

you and you

will not speak of it

or someone will die


Others teach you

there is joy

in life

Much, much Joy

and to know

of Love



is brought when

there in the woods

walking and talking

with that special one

short lived, but still

it was lived once



of those friends who

did stuff to you

or against you

are they truly

friends or just users

Life moves on


Another place

to call home

grandparents come

to visit

only seen them

a few times in life

they don’t know me

I know little of them

they are family


Dad is off again

in his monster suit

returns n then gone again

sometimes we can go too

to see other places


Sometimes we cannot

go to school because

of the protestors

or threats

Even simple things

have a whole new meaning

to those who serve

and those who are left behind


Safe…my dad

and the history of my family

dates back through the centuries

serving this country and many others

what do we truly want is peace

and security


Another move

to somewhere safe

a place I can go out and play

sure if you don’t count

the guy who almost killed his wife

or the one who did that to another

or…oh my …what a terrible


He, my friend,

he did that…

and now…


I cannot speak of him

no more…no longer my friend


Someone brought a smile

while I was in the hospital

he smiled at me

and became my friend

he hurt so much

all the while

and then he passed

passed on the smile

for me to carry on


There is much more

to being a military brat

but this here story

is just one of many

did we serve in the military

…not by choice

but by family…yes…and

we endured so much

we gave so much


we just wanted

to let you know

we are here

we are doing our duty

we enjoyed getting to know

others and living in foreign lands

learning their customs

and yet keeping true to ourselves


thank you all who serve,

who have served

and thank you families

who support them

please, do not forget

the families serve, too


by Pauline Harris2012

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