Silently Awoken

Deep in the depths
Of a slumber
Dreaming of distant

A clasp of thunder
Jolted me
Out of my sleep

Never, ever
To return again
To that one
Moment in time

I look around
In haste
Seeing all around
Where I lay

Only to realize
I am not alone
As a furr baby
Has come to snuggle
Oh, so close

Petting her
I look over
To see her
By my touch

As the storm
Moves away

I breathe
And slowly
To my
To dream
Once again
Of possibilities
Yet might be

By Pauline Harris

Lightning Dancer

Days of storms
Had driven many inside
For safety
Reasonings had failed
To convince her
She continued along
Her adventure
Through the wanderings
Near the lightning poles
She had heard stories
Of amazing talents
To be gained if only
She could withstand
The great light storms
She knew how great
The challenge could be
As her own sister was lost
Or so the story was told to her
Determined, she carried her brallie
Secure in her decision
The lightning will come
As it may come
Dancing to her soul’s song
Moving in exquisite directions
Her spirit led her to this moment
She has become her destiny
The Lightning Dancer Pauline Harris

Angelic TearDrop

Winds began to whisper
As the clouds formed in comfort
Darkness filled the air
Sparks of Lightning crashed the sky
Sitting with my blanket
Gazing outside
A single Angelic TearDrop
Fell down onto my eye
Sending love and joy
While I was in distress
That very moment
Brought me happiness
For then, I knew
Love Abound
And Surrounded me
Hugs unfolded
And rescued me
Gently I awoke
And survived to say
I love thee
And be with me
Always and forever
To comfort and guide
Wherever and whomever
I may see
Thank thee
Dear ONE
For the Angelic TearDrop
Awoken me
…by Pauline Harris

A Storm Approaches

A slight breeze…

attempts to brush…

against my arm…

It picks up..

Rustling the waves…

Grass swaying…

My gaze turns…

Seeing the strong clouds…


engulfing all around…

blanketing the whole sky…

something wavers…

I feel the winds…

a strong storm develops…

arousing feelings…


I had so wanted…

to go for a swim…

but now…

the beach is not…

so inviting, as I once…

perceived it to be…

trembling with each…

vibration from both…

the waves…

and winds…

I shake with wonder…

out of the reaches…

a crash of light..

awakens …

the tingles in my skin…

I see the massive…

lightening strikes…

my heart trembles…

I gasp…

as one comes…

so close…

missing all around…

but so much shaken…

as if from a dream…

I awaken…

and realize…

life endures

*by Pauline Harris




Lightning Finally Captured

Bolted Lightning Captured by Pauline Harris ©2014

Bolted Lightning Captured by Pauline Harris ©2014

The Sound of Rain

Imagine a day when the sound of rain coming down was peaceful and calming to the very core of your being. The pitter patter sound as it hit the ground and surrounding areas. Each drop echoing the whispers heard within the wind…angelic whispers of songs of joy and peace. Soothing is such a sound. All troubles, worries, and thoughts seem to slip away…almost completely forgotten. Pitter-patter…A flash of lightning blazes across the sky…Boom and crackle. A rush of excitement as one watches the dancing lightning with the thundering sounds. Slowing the sounds seem to become less intense and less vibrant. Calmness instills within. Joyfulfilled.~pharris2013

My painting of Clouds in progress with Rain Poem.

My painting of Clouds in progress with Rain Poem.

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