There looking

out the window

I saw an


And the


And thought

to myself

 how neat it

would be

for them to

line up

and the

icicle be

the center

of the tree

and the branches

there would

spread out

for all

to see.


A dream breathed to life

two feet adorned with shoes

sexy legs too boot

eyes gaze upwards to see a blazing fire engulfed around a halo

crossed T in the center

two white birds flying

my heart stops to breathe in this sight

a tear of glory

meets my eye

a whisper winds through the wind

and reaches down it’s swooping wing

to grasp in the rays

of the bright moonlit dawn

which way up as vertigo sets in

I reach for someone

to just lend a helping hand

I grasp the thin air all abound


my heart beats slowly

as my mind begins to wane

a sound brings me wander

who can be out there

I reach out



a brush of wind catches me

someone…I look and see

the blazing T standing there

before me

I look up

and the lips are telling me

You can…you can

by pharris2010

in this moment I realize

I am not alone

and I can

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