Into the Unknown

Into the Unknown
Quietly, softly
The silence was
Only to be given
A voice to shout out
Nothing was forsaken
Only given a new life
Calling each of us
To take a moment
To reach out
To another
Bringing to light
The influence we
All give to each other
The inspiration
The innovation
The moment of awe
Completing the cycle
Of spirals and dimension
In time and space
To make our lives
Move to improve
Our care of the world around
Our limits are then unbound
by Pauline Harris

Gazing At a Puddle

A puddle shared a beauty

Of a tree and leaves

Shadows reflected in the world around

Appear to see trees in the ground

Only to realize the water is there

For all to see what is happening everywhere

by Pauline Harris

The Paintbrush Called

Art supplies were nestled
All together on the bed
Ready for anytime
The call to come,
They would adhere
Looking at photos
And artwork around
Seeing something
Anything called my name
And there sat the paintbrush
Feeling a little left out
Desiring more
Pick me up, it called
Setting up to paint
I felt this urge
Deep inside an image
Vaguely presenting itself
I took the brush
Slapped on some paint
And to the canvas
My hand was drawn
To images appearing
As each stroke
Led to more
Complete fluidity
And then ultimately
A completed art piece

By Pauline Harris

Passing Angel Tears

Passing Angel Tears
In days of old
I felt a connection
To this one
Who stood
Before millions
Of times
Long since past
Of a teacher
Who knew
All were one
I knew these words
As they resonated
Deep within
But then others came
And tried to change
How I felt
Stating only these
And not those
Somehow I knew
The truth was free
And here it was
In the only place
Of all over, everywhere
For tears flowed
From the sky
From all the beings
From the land
Flowing in the rivers
Flowing in the ponds
Flowing in the sea
For all are created
To inspire and create
To allow the flow
From one tear drop
To an everflowing stream
The loss of one who taught
So many to see and know
The joy is in the living each moment
As one breath leads to another
Ripples downstream
Into every awoken being
Angels here
Angels above
Angels all around
Guide us as we live
And survive to connect
By Pauline Harris

Spring Approaches

Spring is soon upon us
As blossoms set to bloom
Trees share their green leaves
And now is the time to prepare
For the growth to begin
Rains have started to fall
And now is the time to enjoy
Fair well in these days of grace
For there is but one thing to do
Readying and carrying on
By Pauline Harris


Gazing at a Ripple

Darkness fell onto the lake
Coldness ensued as winds whistled
Trees rustled leaves
Hearts pumped quickly
Slowly settling down for the night

Gazing upon the ripples
In the lake
One swirling
Against the current
Splashing against
Making haste
To impact each other
Showing the connections
Each gives to another
Support, guidance,
Inspiration to move forward
Each giving the future
All needed to succeed

Our impact is like ripples
Carry our choices
Into the future
With each step
Showing the world
Our true intention
By Pauline Harris

Wishing All a Good Life


Not all our lives
Are what we dreamed of
Nor are they of our nightmares
Yes, there are times of both
But not the whole life

Some may inspire others
Some choose to serve and protect
Some help populate the world
Some choose other paths

But all of us are here together
In some way or another
We have some impact

So I wish for all to find
Some joy, something to be grateful for
Some hope, some peace
and so much compassion
For all to survive
And to live a good life
By Pauline Harris

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