Good Friday

Good Friday 
I knew God’s plan 
Would be fulfilled soon
Reflecting on our shared meal
Of just not long ago, last night
We lovingly prayed together 
I telling you new rules
‘To love God above all’
And also
‘To love one another, 
As I have loved you’
Continuing our meal
We ate together 
Turning bread into my body
We drank together 
Turning wine into my blood
Symbols becoming real
Soon what I was born to do
Will become true because all of you
One of you got paid
But all of you will deny me
Say you don’t follow me
I accept this as it is all
Part of the Will of God 
Today I am at court
And sentenced to die
The only ‘sin’ I committed
Was to Love and share God’s plan 
Of mercy and of grace 
‘I suffer, so you may live’
Here I am Lord, my God
‘Forgive them, for into Your Hands
I come in peace’
And may love prevail 
Everywhere and in everyone
Forever and always 
And So It Is

By Pauline Harris


Cloud Photo Art

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Deep Within

Deep Within
By Pauline Harris 

Reflections of clouds 
Shadows distract 
Options keep pouring down 
Learning multiple avenues 
Bring each of us forward 
Twisting our passages 
Seamlessly through time 
To reach this moment 
To help others, inspire, 
And / Or create a future 
Worth giving to our descendants

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Step On Out


Be Here Now

Be Here Now
By Pauline Harris

No time but the present awaits 
A distant call, two birds graze 
Shinies covered by blankets sleep
Rumbling thunder breaks silence 

Waves crash upon the banks
Stirring echoes linger near here
Innocent voices whisper in the wind
Only to be heard from within

Watch Out: Inspiration is Around the Corner

Watch out there is a new disease going around…its called Inspiration…it can come from anywhere or anyone…once caught, it is easily passed on…some may seek it out… it can be discovered in creativity…or learning…reading…walking…sleeping…
Oh no…I think it has found a new victim…or is this person one who will survive this Inspiration…we will see one day

We Matter

Some people may and do point out all our flaws

But we matter. We are loved. 
Life is challenging for us alone
When we care, share, be aware 
We will step lightly into a new day
Together we are stronger alive

By Pauline Harris

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