A Tiny Gift


It had been
Quite awhile
Since we last
Saw one another

Today was
A chance
You and I

Arriving at
This very moment
You and I
Are here
At last

Upon arrival
You presented
This small, tiny

I looked at you
And tried to figure out
What it was
This tiny gift
Was given to me

My gaze didn’t go
And upon
Your face
The gift grew

Knowing I had to
‘What was the smile
I waited
For I wanted
To know

You gave me
A hug
And said
The smile and hug
Are gifts
For sharing love

Grateful for the gift
Of love shared between
Us two here
Thank you my friend

By Pauline Harris

This is Why I like you…

This is why I like you…

let me *say* the ways you

make life more wonderful…

Sometimes when we are feeling sad,

we need to know that we are important to another…

‘n how we are important to another…

but sometimes just a hug will do just fine…


There is always a way

Sometimes along the journey thru life, there are side streets or stumbling blocks. These are not meant to detour one from the path. Sometimes these can be awakening moments for one to see how far one has travelled so far. Other times, these can put one in amidst of uncertainty of where to travel next. At this time, one must take time to breathe and reflect. There is always a way.~pharris2011

Flying Books 

Long ago stories

Were told of
These rectangular
They once called

I had heard tales
Some would say
These objects
Could take one away
To far off places
And times unknown

Brisking the reader
To fly away
While reading
The words set inside
This tiny rectangular
Object called a book
Fly away books, fly us away
Take us away
To enrich our minds
In distant stories

 By Pauline Harris

Invisible or Visible or Both

One day while walking
I came upon a bunch
Of overgrown bushes
Determined to continue
I looked around for
A solution to get through
An opening did appear
And I found myself
Lost in a labyrinth
Or so I thought
Because the paths
Lead this way and that
Some passages blocked
Other ways appeared
To lead to no where
I persisted and found an out
The way through became clear
Overjoyed, I carried on
Once on the other side
I found a mountain high
Climbing it to see
The joyney was meant for me
Many ways to and from
But only one, just one
Showed me who I would become
And there is the faith I see
For it gave me love unbound
And to this I am grateful
Thanks those who shared
In this joyney side by side
For sometimes it is lonely
On the paths and we seem lost
Only to be found later
More complete and more at peace
All thanks to the joyney
We walked side by side
by Pauline Harris

The Drumming Circle

The sound of the flute in the distance

Illuminating and inviting

To be here and now present



A peaceful calm

Feeling centered

In this present moment

Resting eyes



By the tapping



Are the sounds I hear

As the drums are played


Lost in the sounds

Taken faraway

To distant times

Back to the past

Where bison roamed


And without borders

Roaming the lands

Grazing and playing


And then the music stopped

Gone are those visions

Of times long since past

But a lingering feeling exists

Engulfed in the joys

Brought back with me

By Pauline Harris

Gentle Reminders 


Tenderly lying in the sand
Looking up and out
Seeing the stars
Light up the night sky
Listening to distant echoes
Of thoughts and pains
Long since past away

Stopping for a moment
To refocus my thoughts

Twinkling sparkles stammer forward
Bringing whispers of joy and laughter
Spirit rising from the depths
No longer confined and not seeing light
Love sprinkled onto my heart
And awakened my mind to see beyond
For there is just foreverness to share
The loving presence found within

By Pauline Harris

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