Appreciation of my friends

Appreciation: many times we appreciate people and care for their wellbeing, but somehow when it comes time to show or say something we put it off…anyways to all my friends out there old and new…thank you for being you…enjoy your day… ~Pauline Harris

Inspirational Drops

Inspirational Drops: Little things in an average day that make life meaningful and worthwhile…like an unexpected smile or some kind deed someone did and you were made aware by being present in that moment…~ Pauline Harris

Purple Clouds to Purple Art

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a Discovery

a Discovery

by Pauline Harris
The misty fog had set in

My walk towards home

Was clambered with surprises

Dust had gone to rest

In the murky waters at best

Standing still to feel

This moment wanting to last

Chills fall down my spine

Moving on as only I can

Needing to move forward

Thoughts of moments gone

Trials of perception live on

Hidden cries go unnoticed

Shouts of what is wanted

Desires take deep breaths

Striking deals with egos

Wipe sparkles on invoices

Setting joys to be forgotten

I walk on as secrets become

Unveiled, but whose point of view

All being shoved in face-to-face

Heartbreak when lost in the crowd

No one remembers …respect

All saying, but few are listening

Each stance harshly portrayed

Independent minds criticized

Take a side or we can’t talk no more

And if you take that side

Well, were we ever friends

Please express you views

Or at least keep them true

Oh, freedom…well that is for

Those who live their lives like I do

No learning but what we want you to

No believing but what we want you to

No paying off debts because we want

You to be fully indebted to us forever

A slave to society

Follow your dreams is just a myth

A myth that only few will achieve

Unless we take a step out of this fog

Make some waves of our own

Standing up for respect of all involved

Loving one another and caring for each other

We all are here together

A world like no other

Blessings to all…and hugs

Onto Soaring Above

Onto Soaring

by Pauline Harris

Starting off relying on others

To help get me started

And yet relying on them

As they rely upon me also

All of us a team, but not all of us

Knowing we are a team

Some of us hidden from view

Others out front boasting with glee

Each of here in a place

Working towards something big

Bigger than each of us combined

Steadfast in our roles

Although some of us willing

To do more, to be more

To inspire others

To bring a sense of duty

To offer more to those to come

And in this way, we live on

Carrying out our mission

To make the world a better place

Reworking old ideas

Creating new innovations

Allowing others to soar along with us

For in our statements of life

We have but one true focus

And that is the love we share

When we care about this world

And those who live upon it

A world full of wonderment

To which we soar above in love

One’s Bliss

By Pauline Harris

Sometimes when on the path

to finding one’s bliss

there is a glimmer

of one’s bliss on the horizon,

but one must wait for the time

when one’s bliss

is a vast array of sunshine.

Although sometimes when

one’s bliss is just a glimmer,

the time may be right

to pursue bliss then.

Ultimately, one must know

when to pursue one’s bliss

and when one must wait

to follow one’s bliss. ~adapted from many

The Quiet One

The Quiet One
by Pauline Harris

Loudly others speak
Thunder breaks through the wind
Rushing cars speed past by
Greedy wanting just their voice
Rattled cries go unheard
Shouts showing weakness
Speaking of love as wrong
Telling others of their wrongs
When all the while,
Shadows in the smoke
Seldom noticed except by a few

Cracks of light
Trying to reach out
Only to be smothered
By greed…
But, there was one
One who knew
Something so true
A Love Unending
Bearing the soul
In everlasting joy

Quietly, I reached out
To find this one
For I knew I had to
Find love once again
To make love whole
And in peace of solitude
I did find…The Quiet One 
And joined along
Sharing kindness forward
Where we could in love

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