Some News

Stop right there,

Have you heard the news…

It is time to…Smile…

Enjoy your holidays…

Connect with someone…

Take a step towards the future…

and Spread some hugs around~pharris2012


faraway hugs

 hugs  from afar
can warm the heart
and comfort the soul
for someone so clear
to see one has touched
more than just one’s own life
thank you for being you~pharris2011

The Embrace


A dramatic sense
Of the closeness
Engulfed the moment
The two souls
Had reached
A connection
Between them
To make one
Moving in together
Their arms
Of the hug
Closely forming
A bond like no other
Warm and inviting
And freeing
A moment shared
Lasting a lifetime
By Pauline Harris

The Forever Hug

From the first moment
Our eyes gazed
Upon one another
A connection seemed
To attach us together
We chatted
Then had long talks
Each enriching
Our lives
Entangling them
Growing closer
And then it happened
The reaching
Of each other’s arms
The forming of the hug
Fully embracing
Settling our affection
We have now
The Forever Hug
Connecting us
Always with our love
by Pauline Harris

Aura of Angels

A simple smile
Whispers momentous joy
Reaching the hearts
Of millions in one gesture
Spreading comfort to all
And them continuing the journey
Peaceful times unfolded
Warmth and laughter ensued
Singing and dancing
Sharing meals
Powerful presences
The angelic blessings
…by Pauline Harris

Once Again, Obviously Yes

Thoughts and actions lead us here
Deciding to take another vantage point
Brought some squabbles along with peace
Interdependence and following the Divine Light
Walking with joy in my heart
Finally I see love engulfs me
…by Pauline Harris

Summer Sunsetting Days End

(inspiration: a photo of a person walking on the beach at sunset)

Orange glowing evening sun bowing head
Another brightness dimmed instead of shining
Brightly one day walking in sand
Watching the crashing waves come closer
Awakening to the reality, once feared
No longer days of pure joy
As rules change without true notice
Secretly what was once our ways
Have been discarded for specific sameism
No longer freedoms to choose us
Focused upon the setting summer sun
Willing to be grateful for hope
Hoping tomorrow brings seasons of gratitude
Although knowing saddened hearts survive today
Goodbye summer’s glow, sweet misty rain
Take us to the beach again
…by Pauline Harris

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