by Pauline Harris

When the world seems
In a dismal state
Quietly hushed in wait
Waiting for something
Big to happen
The hush is quite unbearable
And the rush to do something
Is tremendously knocking
At the door to open

Wait…sit a second longer
Breathe in, breathe out
Hesitate a little bit longer
Not for those who did wrong
Only to find true focus
Each breath a gift

Silence was not agreement
Not always, sometimes forced
Told did not understand
Or told not to speak
Respect those…but

Here is the thing
To do justly, mercy
Grace and love
Yes, Love unconditionally
And that is where hope lives

Hope lives in tomorrow
Hope lives in dreams
Hope lives in opportunities
Hope lives in innovation
Hope lives in creation

Tomorrow is never promised
We live each day the best we can
With the opportunities given
With the promises written so long ago
Have we forgotten the golden rule

Hope only lives on, if we allow hope to live
And if Love is our guiding light
Hope lives on, hope lives on

Lone Orchid

Lone Orchid
by Pauline Harris

A sea of poppies
In all directions
Set in this field
Off of an old base
Long since gone
Were the echoes
Of those who served
Leaving peace
But what was ours
Here to make
For we fight still
Over viewpoints
And don’t listen
To the wisdom
In the wind
Or of those who know
Written words
Or oral memories
Of how peace can be
Some choose to break
Clinging to fears
However there is
But one love
Paving the way
If only our hearts
Can open up
With healing
A common start
Shared joys
Beginnings to have
Willingly to live
Together, side by side
With one lone orchid
In a sea of poppies
Helping to guide
To Love Forward

Open Hands

Open Hands
by Pauline Harris

Many days had given
Us undo stress
Over uncertainty
And unrepresented

We were all
At our wits end
Looking for comfort
Looking for stability
Looking for loyalty

The stress continued
To rise from all directions
No end in sight


There before us appeared
These open hands

At first no one noticed
A tiny voice called to us
Look over there
And see hope is alive

We rubbed our eyes
And looked up and out
To see hope is alive
In these open hands

We discovered the hands
Belonged to one who
Had taken some time
To awaken and see
There was hope
All around us
If only we changed
What we were looking
To see about us

For hope was there
In front of us
All the time
We just needed
To focus on gratitude
For the blessings
Surrounding us each day


Hope is a wonderful instrument to help in carrying on through life. There is something about hope that helps one to believe even when no lights can be found. Hope gives some will power to carry on, carry on. Hugs to Hope, as we all need some hope now and again.~pharris

Along The Road

Travels had taken me

Far across the many miles

Rivers have rippled

In the wake of each day

Drops of love sprinkle joy

And little bits of sadness

Followed closely with comfort

Differences proven to bring

A newfound hope in today

by Pauline Harris


Hope is a wonderful instrument

to help in carrying on through life.

There is something about hope

that helps one to believe

even when no lights can be found.

Hope gives some will power

to carry on, carry on. Hugs to Hope,

as we all need some hope now and again.

~pharris 2013


Starting off in pure darkness
A spark of light began
Seemingly from no where
But to show a way
Out of the night
Beaming with delight
The heart raced
Only to discover
Words to follow
One led this way
Another that
All ending somewhere
Which path to take
Some said they went down here
Others took another one
Meanings changed with words
Growing from seeds
Laid centuries ago
Which way to know
Truth will prosper
Comforting and humbling
Choosing the joyney
Is the only option
For seeking hope
Will rise as the sunsets
by Pauline Harris

To Love…Nailed It

To Love…Nailed It

You were coming out
Of the hospital doors
I was headed in
We had only just met
A few months before
A little frightened,
I was and you could tell
So you stopped to chat
And that was that
Our first real talk
You told me of this man
Who was so down and
Could not walk
You made him laugh
A week later
He walked out
Happy and free
It was then I knew
You and me were true
True friends for life
I knew then I wanted
To share joy with
The world, just
As you had shared
With me. I went into
The hospital with a
New sense all would
Be fine, because
You and I were now
And forever would
Good friends…even
Though later you did die.
…by Pauline Harris

Storm Explosion

Staying indoors
Was proclaimed
By media, but
I just had to see
Beautiful clouds
Called out
Vibrant colours
Once in a lifetime
I headed out
Walking along
The pier
Seeing the waves
Come so near
Heart racing
Clouds covering
Sight gone
I give into fear
Attempting to breathe
I carry on
As I must
To survive
All freedoms gone
The glorious past
No more tomorrows
The storm has taken over
No more talking
Or even thinking
All linked together
Working with no voice
No choice
Engulfed in fear
Civilization at a turning point
Voting for choice
Or relinquish control
They say study history
To no longer repeat it
Look to the writers
And to the policies
Of the time
Churning the clouds,
I look towards
What I desire…
I choose freedom
And hope the storm
Will let us all survive
…by Pauline Harris

Being Human

Being human is
Full of rules
And regulations
Do this, wear that,
Permissions to go here
Yes, these are needed,
But not differing ones
For different folks
That is not freedom
Some make money off of
Others freedoms taken away
Unjustly so.
Shooting someone
Without any law, that is horrid.
Protecting and serving,
Not shooting whoever.
And whatever happened
To ‘it takes a village’
Each of us learn and
Share with one another
Inspiring and supporting
One another… We cannot
And should not do this
Thing called life alone
We need one another
More variety makes
The whole life experience
So much worthwhile
If we loose hope,
find some spark of light.
Bring light to others.
Some may just see
the spark as a seed
and others may grow
and develop the seedling
….by Pauline Harris

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