Grateful For Friends

So much more
Than thank you
Truly grateful 
For those who care
For those who love
A smile or a hug
Connected us
For so long
A word here
To express
From my heart
To yours
For being
Near or far
Always close by
In spirit
Thank you
My friends
Hugs and
By Pauline Harris 2017


Thank You

I am grateful
For a gift given
Without asking
Words cannot express
My humble thanks
At this very moment
Thank you for
Your love and kindness
By Pauline Harris

United, At Last

Walking on a path alone
For ever so long
Wanting to share
But no one is there
A cry out
But no one listens
Others lost in their own world
Their desires for physical items
Wisdom has guided me beyond
In some respects
I desire to co-create
Co-habit with friends
Making community
A flare for inspiration
Pure wonderment
Finding joy amongst
Those who fear
Caring my life forward
Grateful and blessed
Because I now have you
…by Pauline Harris

The Inviting Rain Dance

Days of heat had swarmed Summer
Blistering some to stay cooked inside
Until the glimpse of those vital
Waves of joy began to whisk
The moonlit air bringing momentary lapses
Of brisk cleansing in angelic tears
Freeing everybody from set stagnation allowing
Flowing freedoms to rise in forming
Foundations withstanding notions of uniting movements
Expressions of gratitude light all hearts
…by Pauline Harris

Study Buddy

Sitting down with my books and dog
Readying myself for study tasks ahead
Comforted and calmed by my pal
Hard at work figuring out
Math problems and who did what
In the stories and they relate to life
My Buddy is here guiding me
Every step of the way
I am grateful for my pal, Buddy
…by Pauline Harris

The Hand of Love

Alone for so, so, so long
Not knowing the comfort of touch
Walking as if in a daze
Confused and saddened
Losing all hope
Until…you came
I had heard stories of you
How miracles and joy came along
When you were chosen to be
The way shower, love bringer
Enabling me to find my path
Guiding my every step
In love and in joy
No longer fearful
Comforted in love
Your hand gracefully showing
Me kindness to share and care
For others to join along side
Us along the joyney through life
…by Pauline Harris

The Dance Called Life

One step in a moment
Another kick in the big picture
All turning and twirling
Throughout life’s mysterious dance
Take part in holding and supporting
While creating an intricate motion
Free-flowing and choreographed
Solitary and with others
Investing in a future
Only few will be a part
Our moment is now
In this very day
Creating a beginning
With hope and prayers
That amazing will
Express gratitude
For what we began today
…by Pauline Harris

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