One Person, my friend

One Person, my friend
By Pauline Harris

I want you to know
You are important
You are loved
and you made
A difference
Because you care
Because you share
Because you inspire
But also because
You were there
When a hug was needed
Or a shoulder to cry on
And with the shared
Experiences life handed us
You were there
And still are here
Deep within my heart
Is the place you are
And always shall be
I love you forever
And always my dear friend

That Mountain

That Mountain 
By Pauline Harris

That mountain 
Has been there
Staying put
Watching me
Seeing my every move
Waiting patiently 
For me to make
My own voice spoken
No rewards
Just a gentle shake
Turning the crumbles
Into stirred up words
Phrases formed
From slippery slopes
And rocky climbs
A moments rest
As taking in this beauty
Climbing higher 
This mountain 
Once a challenge 
Now a companion 
Sharing in the awe
Reflecting on life
That mountain 
This mountain 
And we together 
Created our team 
To joyney on through life

To Connect With Oil

To Connect With Oil
By Pauline Harris

Preparations made
Gathered oil and some cloths
A friend joined with me
As we sat readying ourselves

Calmly we looked at the oil
Taking a damp cloth
We washed our hands
Delicately touching each 
And then our feet
Each toe and finger cleansed

Turning to my friend
Sitting quietly
Reflecting on moments
Times we spent together 
Seeing the love we have enjoyed

I take my friend’s hand
Gently massaging each part
Adding some oil 
Here and there
Encompassing the loving care
We have for one another

And then my friend took
My hand anointing me with oil

Such a powerful time
Each of us in shared respect
Taking time to sit with each other 
Taking time to acknowledge 
Our friendship and love
We are at peace
Caring and sharing as one

Thinking of a Friend

We would laugh

And cry and sometimes

Ask the question why

We would go out of our way

To help others better themselves

By organizing and preparing

At moments when the floods

Would rush into the rooms

Finding new methods

To reach many who chose

To keep their attention

Solely upon making trouble

Solid engagement when

Connections were made

Craving to be heard

Hands reach out for more

Attention grabbing

But somehow the calm voice

Softly speaking

Tenderly with wisdom

A notion to bring forth

The reality of a caring friend

Noticing all around

We carried on with our duty

To be friends and work solemnly

Separately and yet equally

Preparing for the future

Of tomorrows yet to come

Goodbye dear one

I will miss your laugh

And your healing hugs

And thank you for being you

By Pauline Harris

Grateful For Friends

So much more
Than thank you
Truly grateful 
For those who care
For those who love
A smile or a hug
Connected us
For so long
A word here
To express
From my heart
To yours
For being
Near or far
Always close by
In spirit
Thank you
My friends
Hugs and
By Pauline Harris 2017

Ode To ‘The Canterville Ghost’

(Inspiration ‘The Canterville Ghost’ by Oscar Wilde)
There upon opening
The book led me
Deep inside to inquire within
The words seem
To read by themselves
The story set out
Full of mystery, suspense
Innocent and yet worldly
Entranced, I read on
A girl to discover
A long forgotten
Ghostly presence
Would bring her
To a new level
Of understanding
And Love
Here was this story
Forgotten until
A bonding came forth
To bear fruit
On an unbearan tree
And tears and words
Would soon set
‘The Canteville Ghost’ free.
by Pauline Harris

for drummer boy

balloons are popped…
drums are fading…
into the mist…
as they follow…
a dear friend…
as he will be missed…
always one with words…
to encourage, sometimes…
bluntly as to get…
our heads in gear…
truly a friend…
even in the end…
goodbye my friend…
safe journey to your…
new destination…
may the music follow…
drummer boy.

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