Ode To ‘The Canterville Ghost’

(Inspiration ‘The Canterville Ghost’ by Oscar Wilde)
There upon opening
The book led me
Deep inside to inquire within
The words seem
To read by themselves
The story set out
Full of mystery, suspense
Innocent and yet worldly
Entranced, I read on
A girl to discover
A long forgotten
Ghostly presence
Would bring her
To a new level
Of understanding
And Love
Here was this story
Forgotten until
A bonding came forth
To bear fruit
On an unbearan tree
And tears and words
Would soon set
‘The Canteville Ghost’ free.
by Pauline Harris

Amazing Quilt

There…Over there is a quilt of amazing stories and adventures…some may be detailed…Others may just show a glimpse of the mystery…there are many pieces to this quilt called me…some may get to see…only glimpses of who I am to be…Oh, just me…thought I would pop in for some tea~pharris2012