Collecting the paintbrush, canvas, paints,
And thoughts. Set down to begin
Creating a background stroking each angle
Allowing the flow to continue within
Freeing oneself for stories to unfold
Capturing energetic vibes, relaying into painting
Learning innovative techniques for sharing passions
Stable and aware, allowing free motion
First step in being is breathing
Oh, to feel alive and be
Bountiful blessings flow freely, humbly grateful
… by Pauline Harris

Entangled Tree

One day, a tree thought

Oh what it would be

If I were to write

A story of my birthright

For the pages would come

Predestined and written

All the story would show

Upon the pages already completed

The story was written while inside the tree

All the world would discover

What the story was to be

When the pages came away to form a book

Now, the reader can delight in

Reading the story by the tree

…by Pauline Harris

A Discovery Made

I stopped in my tracks

the other day

as I had found

something I was

looking for

for some time.

I was excited

and even told

a friend of my


Not many would

choose to venture

where this creator

had walked.

He had written

the translation

to an ancient

text from a


not spoken

very much

these days.

But then I

went further

to discover

what the


truly thought.

Instead of


I found words

of hatred

and harsh


Here I am


best I can


and the golden rule.

Do I look past the

creator and


the created works?

It is true many creators

have troubles in their past.

We are all humans.

Learning tolerance

and learning each other’s

customs and beliefs

are helpful in carrying on.

But can a creator

full of such hatred

make something beautiful.

A dilemma remains.

~Pauline Harris

Angel Wings

Angel Wing painted by Pauline Harris 2013

Angel Wing painted by Pauline Harris 2013

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