Heaven’s Doorway

One day appeared a great doorway
So massive and crowning with warmth
The light reflected from all who gazed
Welcoming as all approached
Here it was, here on Earth
Light Beings were amazed and in awe
Wonderment was here at last
Only the chosen who awoke this day
Could be in the presence
Of the gateway, breathing
Many stopped to gaze
Imagining the joy
All who enter will receive
Basking in the presence
Of the love surrounding
Here was the first time
Some could only dream of
Walking feet first
Laughter and tears
A new dawning has appeared
Tread softly for the fearful
Dance in glee for that be
Much comfort fills the soul
Come and becon others to follow
Here is the doorway we desire
Love and blessings comfort us always
With gratitude we accept our destiny
By Pauline Harris

Berries On a Walk

On a walk
In the country
Firstly, along
The canal
Past the crazy swans
Who are protecting
Their nest of young ones
On up the hill
And over the gate
Into the pasture
Where the berries
Are a plenty
Forage a few
To eat now
Hands have turned
All black and blue
Sprinkles have come
Mud is on the rise
Laughter illuminates
The faces with smiles
Gentle breeze picks up
Time to take cover
No where really
To hide, so seek
Shelter under a tree
And hope lightning
Let’s us be
…by Pauline Harris

Twirling Around Dancing

Spun Around
Lost in the moment
Twirling about
Moving to the beats
Heart racing
Of two who wed
Love tells tales
And truth prevails
Spinning, am I
So captivated
By the rhythm
Head is racing
Round and round
I turn, twisting
My hips and my body
Goes down
Down to the ground
All eyes on me
I turn bright red
And dizzy
I cannot stand
Sitting curled up
Protecting myself
I rest until I can stand
At last, people have moved on
Catching my breath
And feeling better
I stand…and smile
For it was a good day
For memories
And twirling…
By Pauline Harris

Dreaming, Am I

Visions arrive in my head
Some of days of old
Others of never to be lived
Events do appear
To have some connection
With present goings-on
A new friend introduction
And to meet in real life
Oh, the fortunate
To see and believe
The favours
Dreams may come
And go, but
The messages
They bring
Are beyond words
…by Pauline Harris

Our Story Book

Written upon these pages
Is a story untold
To anyone, but us
Our story unfolds
Long before we
First meet,
As we each journey
Our own path
Learning and being
Who we are meant to be
One day we run into
One another
By happenstance
And there our story
Begins to being written
Our love endures
Rollarcoasters and
Stormy weather
Only to grow stronger
Each moment together
…by Pauline Harris

Time To Thrive

For so long
Discarded from society
As though naked
And very afraid
Some began to sing
Others told tales
Each word bringing
Hope and wisdom
Finding sparks of hope
They found ways
To move forward
And to carry
Surviving another day
One day to thrive
…by Pauline Harris

Being Human

Being human is
Full of rules
And regulations
Do this, wear that,
Permissions to go here
Yes, these are needed,
But not differing ones
For different folks
That is not freedom
Some make money off of
Others freedoms taken away
Unjustly so.
Shooting someone
Without any law, that is horrid.
Protecting and serving,
Not shooting whoever.
And whatever happened
To ‘it takes a village’
Each of us learn and
Share with one another
Inspiring and supporting
One another… We cannot
And should not do this
Thing called life alone
We need one another
More variety makes
The whole life experience
So much worthwhile
If we loose hope,
find some spark of light.
Bring light to others.
Some may just see
the spark as a seed
and others may grow
and develop the seedling
….by Pauline Harris

Two Hands: the Grasp

The Grasp
Attempting to hold true
Two hands gripping
One knows the truth
The other clinging
On for dear life
The will of both
And beyond
Can tell if
And what is
May be holding
All the answers
Continuing prayers
And so it is…
By Pauline Harris

Purple Floral Waterfall

Taking a long walk

Down by the canal

Across the bridge

Over the farmer’s gate

Through the pastures

Where the cows lay

Anticipating misting rain

I follow the path

Set by purple flowers

Combing their way

Throughout the land

On walkways, through meadows,

Along the slated stone fences

I walk on. Enjoying

Each moment fragrant

And in sunlight. …by Pauline Harris

Rainy Day Joyneys

Scene Note: A Stack of books
sit by the window.
Raining outside with
a beautiful view of
trees and beyond.
Rainy day travels
Exploring joyneys
Within, remembering
Days of youth
Filled with flare
A smile appears
When crystals
Become rainbow – makers
A precious doll
Brings comfort
To one who brought
Joy to so many
The petty quarrels
Sisters have becoming
Full fledged friends
The joyneys we have
Both within and about …by Pauline Harris

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