Birds At Birdfeeder

Birds at Birdfeeder
By Pauline Harris

Bird feeder filled up 
Back inside to watch
Cardinals come quickly
Taking to the ground
At first, then up
One flies to feeder
Protecting his self
While eating away
A female cardinal 
Approaches slowly 
She seems okay
A few doves fly by
Landing just there
Getting some seeds
A few small birds
Cautiously land nearby
Pecked at by some,
But ultimately eating 
All eating, sharing seeds
Politely eating together 
…until a bluejay comes
Commanding the food is his
He eats his fill and off he goes
The other birds return
Safely eating together



The Hummingbirds
By Pauline Harris

At this time of year
When the world is
Awakening with flowers 
And greenery all around

Tiny bees and hummingbirds 
Fly about from one flower
Onto the next, a few bits away

Spotting them
Zooming in and out
Oh look over there
One resting on a branch
A couple of breaths
And whoop, there it is
Off and flying once again
Such wonderment 
The tiny hummingbirds 
Take to flight
What a delight

Calling of the Birds

Out in the fields, he stood

Among the grassy meadows near the hills

Moon had just risen above the eclipse

Shadows approach to gain insight

Of the coming year to be

The trumpet is blown

Birds flock to the sound

Dancing in a rhythm

Only the awaken can fathom

With delight, notes echo in the distance

Seeking those who are listening

Carry on to find delight

Carry on to share wisdom

Carry on, carry on, carry on

by Pauline Harris
inspiration: a photo of a man in a field playing the trumpet with birds coming out of it.

The Birds Soared

The Birds Soared
By Pauline Harris

Gathering around
Along the banks
Of the river’s shoreline 
The birds were there
Some flying, some landing,
And many fishing
Together they gathered
Sharing their lives
Living as a team
All reading themselves 
For the winter’s stay
Preparing the land
Nests to be built
Food to harvest
Water nearby for fishing
All is set in order 
And ready to begin
A long winter’s stay
As the cold weather
Blows it’s way in

Fly Away Robins


Quietly in dusk as the sun
Subtly went to lay and rest
Chirping sounds grew amongst the trees
Calling forth the angels to guide
And give safe passage to all
Those believers who mind the stories
As the ancient ones foretold
A woman would become known
As the whisperer to the Robins
Take heed and watch for her guidance
For the truth will come to light
As she let’s love guide all
By Pauline Harris

Bird Feeding Ladies

Feeding birds
Fun talks
Watching folks

One day I noticed the ladies
Sitting by the lake feeding birds
I thought how sweet they were
As time went on curiosity took
Me along to make me want
To know more, what made them
Have so much joy and love
I approached them cautiously as I
Did not want to ruin their
Ways. Asking how to bring joy
Into my life. I listened intently.
They said to listen to love
As love surrounds us all here
To open my eyes with observing
Taking time to breathe is key
Listening to them, I found I
Was one of them, now found
Hoping to see more bird feeders
Awaken to the world alive again
…by Pauline Harris

Listening to the Whispering Wind

Taking a moment

to rest and heal

I sit watching

my pups play,

then as they tire

they rest upon

the grass…

so gently.

I look out


only to see

two squirrels


up a tree.

And in the dirt

of where our garden

was to grow

only dirt grows,

two birds take

a dirt bath.

Fluttering their feathers

nestling deep into

the dirt and

shaking it all off.

A gust of wind

whispers something

I need to hear…

remember this moment,

it shall soon come to pass.

Then I think of loved ones

some are sorting out

their path or health…

how each of us together

share healing connections

through the love

we share with one another

and by taking some time

to just be…

I sit and look at

my dogs resting

and see healing and love

surround us all around.

Take care to listen

to the whispering wind,

the message is there

if you care to hear.

~Pauline Harris

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