The Paintbrush Called

Art supplies were nestled
All together on the bed
Ready for anytime
The call to come,
They would adhere
Looking at photos
And artwork around
Seeing something
Anything called my name
And there sat the paintbrush
Feeling a little left out
Desiring more
Pick me up, it called
Setting up to paint
I felt this urge
Deep inside an image
Vaguely presenting itself
I took the brush
Slapped on some paint
And to the canvas
My hand was drawn
To images appearing
As each stroke
Led to more
Complete fluidity
And then ultimately
A completed art piece

By Pauline Harris


The Crayon

The Crayon
One day, I
Picked up the crayon
Interested in drawing
But not sure as of what
The crayon said,
‘Let us just see
What will be inspired
To be coloured’
The outcome is yet
Still out there
To be designed
And achieved
I hold the crayon
And dream up
What is to be drawn
Making the most
Of what is happening
And look forward
To tomorrow’s drawings
Whatever they may be
Allowing the inspiration
To guide me
And permit me
To be the best me
I can be
by Pauline Harris

Birth of …

An idea pops
Into the mind
Creating a ripple
Starting the process
Formation of pieces
Begin to transform
The notion into something
A sweet sadness washes
Over the creator
Bringing to develop
The newness
A new creation
Once formed in the head
Curiosity begins to take fold
As patience is needed
In the guiding moments
Wonders to become
A fulfilled substance
For all to relate
As the something
Is now been transformed
From idea to reality
By Pauline Harris
note: Rewritten from an old writing of mine:
sometimes i feel some sweet sadness wash over me… as festive fingers glide through to bring on something new… a new creation is meddling through my head… kinda curious…but am patiently awaiting…wonders to unfold one day…

Ancient Gaze

Ages ago, a lady of fortune
Walked upon this earth with wealth
Allowing others a glimpse of riches
As they gazed upon her eyes
Seeing the reality, she was human
Just like all of those onlookers
The noble lady carried herself gracefully
As she set out to inspire
Others to be present in living
For she had found her riches
Were not in money, her wisdom
Held the key to her success
She had learned to inspire gratitude
Graciously giving of herself granting blessings
As a token of one artist’s
Loving support of the noble lady
The artist immortalized her painting her
Two millennia later, the portrait exists
The noble lady survives gracefully painted
…by Pauline Harris

Moonchild Muses

A young girl called Moonchild sat
Upon a paint can painting stars
Covering the sky while hanging onto
A rope hung from the moon
Carrying her across, making mighty waves
…by Pauline Harris

Lonely Girl, Big House

Captivated by the many rooms
Exploring with much curiosity
I venture through this mansion
In my findings are some
Ancient screen covers
The intricate designs
Tapestry art
So beautiful
I must rest now
My body is tired
More exploring
To come
This place
Hides many secrets
…by Pauline Harris

One Day Quilt

One day I hope we can see we are all unique beings with common threads and when pieced together, we make a beautiful quilt.~Pauline Harris

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