Spirit Be Mine

Taking a step further into unknown
Walking as if making a point
Guidance needed with each fluid movement
Not knowing, fear sets in slightly
But seeing your wisdom and inspiration
There before my eyes holds steady
A galloping leap into the unknown
Leading me with your comforting spirit
I know now, I can
Thank you for making me possible
By Pauline Harris

Angelic Glowing Wings

guide us gently into the night

sweet angel, hear our wonderous cry

bringer of joyfilled comfort and light

by Pauline Harris

The Inviting Rain Dance

Days of heat had swarmed Summer
Blistering some to stay cooked inside
Until the glimpse of those vital
Waves of joy began to whisk
The moonlit air bringing momentary lapses
Of brisk cleansing in angelic tears
Freeing everybody from set stagnation allowing
Flowing freedoms to rise in forming
Foundations withstanding notions of uniting movements
Expressions of gratitude light all hearts
…by Pauline Harris

Angelic Kiss

Each night just after
My eyes set to slumber
There by my side is
The one with the ultimate kiss
My guardian angel
Keeps me alive
Watching over me
During every aspect
Of my life
Eternally grateful, I am
Given this gift of life
Blessings scattered
In well wishes
The kiss of life
Keeps me alive
…by Pauline Harris

Shadow Protectors

Behind the scenes
In the future, now, past
Protectors live unseen
By mere mortals
But birds sense
Their every move
Guiding us with gentle whispers
Slightly altering emotions
And much tensions
Enabling the world
To survive and play
Another day forward
United to bring forth
A sense of joy
To delight even
The darkest of souls
Pray Protectors
Be with us always
And through the night
…by Pauline Harris

Angelic TearDrop

Winds began to whisper
As the clouds formed in comfort
Darkness filled the air
Sparks of Lightning crashed the sky
Sitting with my blanket
Gazing outside
A single Angelic TearDrop
Fell down onto my eye
Sending love and joy
While I was in distress
That very moment
Brought me happiness
For then, I knew
Love Abound
And Surrounded me
Hugs unfolded
And rescued me
Gently I awoke
And survived to say
I love thee
And be with me
Always and forever
To comfort and guide
Wherever and whomever
I may see
Thank thee
Dear ONE
For the Angelic TearDrop
Awoken me
…by Pauline Harris

To Love…Nailed It

To Love…Nailed It

You were coming out
Of the hospital doors
I was headed in
We had only just met
A few months before
A little frightened,
I was and you could tell
So you stopped to chat
And that was that
Our first real talk
You told me of this man
Who was so down and
Could not walk
You made him laugh
A week later
He walked out
Happy and free
It was then I knew
You and me were true
True friends for life
I knew then I wanted
To share joy with
The world, just
As you had shared
With me. I went into
The hospital with a
New sense all would
Be fine, because
You and I were now
And forever would
Good friends…even
Though later you did die.
…by Pauline Harris

Being Human

Being human is
Full of rules
And regulations
Do this, wear that,
Permissions to go here
Yes, these are needed,
But not differing ones
For different folks
That is not freedom
Some make money off of
Others freedoms taken away
Unjustly so.
Shooting someone
Without any law, that is horrid.
Protecting and serving,
Not shooting whoever.
And whatever happened
To ‘it takes a village’
Each of us learn and
Share with one another
Inspiring and supporting
One another… We cannot
And should not do this
Thing called life alone
We need one another
More variety makes
The whole life experience
So much worthwhile
If we loose hope,
find some spark of light.
Bring light to others.
Some may just see
the spark as a seed
and others may grow
and develop the seedling
….by Pauline Harris

Journey To The Woods And Beyond

arrived here-at a new adventure-many anxious-me, I am just quiet-some are given maps-some have guides-I announce I want to get lost and to find my own way-laughs are heard out loud-quiet whispers of let us help her get lost, but not find her-a lil voice says all will be okay- the adventure awaits-I walk deep within the forest- past the pool and creek- hearing no one about me-I realize I am lost, but somehow I feel alright- I look down at the path where I thought I came from-nothing there-I focus on the tools at hand- a needle and a leaf-a compass, some water and a bit of energy bars- assuring myself, I check my bearings- the voice says to go this way-I follow-each time in doubt, I listen-and the voice guides me-a short time later-after seeing some amazing creatures and plants-I return to the starting area-only to find out-some who had maps and guides-have not made it back-and there was such a look of surprise-when I showed up…I am grateful for that voice who guided me-may the voice continue to guide me along my many paths in life~Pauline Harris

Light Through The KeyHole

feeling the heat
from the door
I step closer
only to realize
an eerie
was about me-
creeping closer-
heading to the door-
knowing, I am not alone-
who could this be
closing in
on the door-
touching the keyhole
discovering the heat-
warm tingling
felt on top
of my skin-
to know what
is on the
other side-
my hand reaches
up towards
the handle-
the lever-
no action-
with all-
my might-
I scream-
in exhaustion
I think slowly-
then attempt-
to push-
the door-
only to discover-
the taste-
of freedom-
on the other side-
a sigh of relief
before me-
an angel
to comfort me-
a healing hug~by Pauline Harris

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