Mirror Image

Walking towards
The mirror I saw
No reflection 
Perplexed, I was
Not normal was this
A problem to solve
As I sat in front
A faint ripple
Waved a guiding
Circle towards
My gaze
Bringing with it
An invitation 
To venture through 
The mirror 
To the other side
A little excited
A little unease
I felt the tension
Building within
Taking the cue
I stepped into
Into the unknown 
Wanting to know
More about why
Why there was no
And where to find it
Clearly answers 
Were ahead
Passing by
Other portals
For they were
The path to answers 
Fluidly lead me
By pointing
To the familiar 
Layers of light
Seeing these rays
Sent comforting waves
To my heart
I pressed on
Seeking the truth
Only to find
It was deep within me
The reflection 
Now discovered
Deeply imprinted
My mind to see
Love surrounded me
By Pauline Harris


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