The Dance Called Life

Welcome one and all
Each of must join in
Some may sing
Some will play music
Some will remain silent
Some will remain still
And there are some
Who choose to dance
Completely at will
Moving across the floor
After opening the door
Whoosh to the left
Flowing to the right
Never in one place
Too long, just gliding
Constant melodies playing
Tempo changing
Confusion sets in
Chaos for some
Comfort for others
Strangers intertwine
To make a new style
Rhythm in sync
No longer in control
Forward and backward
All directions in tow
Time and space
All mixed up like
The signs for our times
Some give in
Others follow the flow
Many stay true
To who they really are
And some learn
To become anew
As the waves
Begin to change
This direction here
Or that way there
Only in the end
Will we know
Which way was
The way of love
Until then, we dance
This dance called life
by Pauline Harris

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