A Storm Came


With the darkness
An eerie calm arose
All was quiet and still
Waiting for the storm
To make itself known

Destruction was predestined

Preparations made
In order for all to go well
Prayers spoken

The long wait began
As no more could be done
Tension was thick
As the winds began
Flashes of lights
Streamed across the sky
Barrels of thunder clasped
And rippled into each dwelling

Tears formed
As the rain fell
A shout echoed
As thunder roared

Suddenly quiet

Breathing deeply
A moment to think
Review all advice
Freely choosing a path
For reflection

And then
The winds
The rains
The floods
All at once
For hours

Vibrations silenced
The storm has passed
Resting from
Cleanup and check out
To come later

Quietly resting
Body recuperating
Mind needs stillness
Breathing deeply
Sleeping at long last

By Pauline Harris


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