The Day It Didn’t Rain


The forecast had said rain
Lots of rain for the week ahead
Plans were set for the plants
To stay outside and get watered
Nature would provide
Nourishment and more
All the neighbors prepared
For the floods to appear
As so often with rains
The water rises
And so does some fears
Geared for this rain
Events were cancelled
And some rescheduled
The weather people exclaim
The importance of being ready
Readying ourselves
We prepared all we could
And the day foretold came
Surely our preperations
Would not go in vain
No rain came that day
Or the next
The weather people
Were distraught
We were confused
How could we have
Been led so far
Discovering we needed
To prepare for life itself
Some storms may come
But not all predicted
Events come to pass
…by Pauline Harris


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