He Mattered


So often, we
As humans just live
Our lives day to day
Making differences
From our perspective
Attempting to matter
To someone else
Sharing a smile
Part of our story
One another
Improving life
Taking care
To leave the world
Impacted by a trace
A mere footprint
Stating we were here
We were loved
Our lives mattered
Because we knew
Our love was real
Our story carries on
In each of those
Touched by our love
Or just in the smile
We so often shared
By Pauline Harris

Lights and Shadows

Settled into making
The most of the moment
Not as common
As wanted to be
Savoring the time spent
Joys and tears
Wash away those fears
Now is forever
If we choose to deliver
Lights shown brightly
Messages in shadows
Dedicating hearts
To delightful caring
Successful giving love
Hugs unfolding gracefully
Cultivating gratefulness
To enlighten joyneys
As we hug them forward
By Pauline Harris

Song Of Mine

Silently humming
A tune stuck
In my head
Bringing many smiles
Of joy felt
From seeing glimpses
Memories shown within
Keeping the mind alive
Focused upon
The moment is here
Celebrate the joyney
By Pauline Harris


Keep open minded, hold truth still
In love with all creation, inspiring
But when it comes to core
Core beliefs we hold so dear
Locked and yet respectful towards others
Sadness ensues making rifts and holes
Where agreement of respect drifted apart
Locked in a cage with no key
Because who I am is not
Who they want me to be
Crushed forever, buried in grief
Subjected to living in conformity
By Pauline Harris

The Bowl


There it sat
On the table
Just waiting
Reminding me
Of something
A hunger
A cry from my stomach
Feed me
But it was 2 in the morning
No desire
For feeding the face
An aching feeling
Doth drenched
My thoughts
No cure to be had
Until the joy
Was fulfilled
To feast
On that savouring
Bowl of unending
Of the precious
Water…oh to drink
My thirst disappeared
At the bottom
Of the bowl
By Pauline Harris

Spirit Be Mine

Taking a step further into unknown
Walking as if making a point
Guidance needed with each fluid movement
Not knowing, fear sets in slightly
But seeing your wisdom and inspiration
There before my eyes holds steady
A galloping leap into the unknown
Leading me with your comforting spirit
I know now, I can
Thank you for making me possible
By Pauline Harris

A Beginning of Today

Deep within the misty fogs
A shadowy light begins appearing
Locals calmly waken
Eyes glimpse the breaking
Brisk winds clear the vision
From darkness night to dawn of day
Chirping birds, dew drops
A dog barking in the distance
Rooster greeting the sunlight
A brand new day with new joyneys
Welcoming all who care to see
What will coming light will be
By Pauline Harris

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