Toys To Some

Outside playing
In my new swimsuit
Just down the street
A small play park
A slide, some swings, and more
Having fun laughing, playing, running
One of the much older kids came by
Joined by several others
The teasing started
Not the first time
This happening
Feeling uneasy
I begin to walk away
No way out
Held by some
Others begin
Soft touches and saying
‘Girls like this attention’
Struggle to get out
And suffocating
Becoming disoriented
They take my bikini
‘Wow, what a body’
Touching me all over
Crying in despair
And frightened
For mere moments
Suddenly awakened
I am alone
I run home
Naked and afraid
Curling up in my bed
Hiding in my blankets
By my teddy bear
I am a human
This is my body
Not yours to abuse
At any age
I forgive you
Even though you don’t remember me
…by Pauline Harris

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