Tough Reads

(Inspiration:  a photo of a puppy yawning while laying between some books on a bookshelf.  One book is ‘Money’ by Zola and another book is ‘Origin of Species’ by Darwin.)
One day this puppy decides books
Are the way to succeed in
Life. Finding these books on a
Shelf, the puppy takes a gander
And begins to read. Not knowing
How tough each books subjects were,
The puppy soon yawns and falls
Asleep. Learning some books are rough.
…by Pauline Harris

Pieces Of You

You left a letter
Stating your intentions
Leaving our relationship
And departing on your way
You said you needed to
Clear your head
Shocked, I wept
Time passed by
No sign of your return
Soon a distant memory
I moved on until
One day, a knock
Queries about you
Did I know you
Yes, but why the questions
They replied all
That was found
Was pieces of you
I wept in horror
And in pain
I had loved you
…by Pauline Harris

Stalled Car

Attempting to turn

My life, my car

Get out of the way
Trying to get home

Shaken by events
Classes canceled
Lost in thoughts
Searching for joy

Car stalls in the middle
Not thinking to put it
In neutral, just thinking

Need help now
No phone, no one around
Desserted road
All alone, need help
Not thinking, I leave

I leave my car in the middle
In the middle of the road
Soon I hear a car

A police car. I follow their
Orders to move my car,
But before I reach my car
I am tazed. Down I fall.
Shot soon after.
All I had was a stalled car.

No more for me.

…by Pauline Harris

Dedicated to the memory of the
man with the stalled car.

To Love Always

My precious love, I adore you
Thinking back on how we met
Both of timid, unsure of footings
Each carrying heavy baggage with us
Our own styles, our own stories
Commonalities became our flare to start
Soon laughter, tears took many fears
Joining our hearts to flutter together
Time apart made our love true
As we connected beyond simple measure
The threads of our very being tied
To make us completely whole always
Forever bonded with love, living on
…by Pauline Harris

Once Again, Obviously Yes

Thoughts and actions lead us here
Deciding to take another vantage point
Brought some squabbles along with peace
Interdependence and following the Divine Light
Walking with joy in my heart
Finally I see love engulfs me
…by Pauline Harris

Summer Sunsetting Days End

(inspiration: a photo of a person walking on the beach at sunset)

Orange glowing evening sun bowing head
Another brightness dimmed instead of shining
Brightly one day walking in sand
Watching the crashing waves come closer
Awakening to the reality, once feared
No longer days of pure joy
As rules change without true notice
Secretly what was once our ways
Have been discarded for specific sameism
No longer freedoms to choose us
Focused upon the setting summer sun
Willing to be grateful for hope
Hoping tomorrow brings seasons of gratitude
Although knowing saddened hearts survive today
Goodbye summer’s glow, sweet misty rain
Take us to the beach again
…by Pauline Harris

Galatic Fantasy

(Inspiration:  a painting of a child daydreaming of space)
I had just settled into bed
Not sleeping, my head not resting
Just rustling with my many covers
My pillow seemed to move away
So out of bed I must go
Standing before my window, shapes appear
Firstly foggy images form into spheres
Sensing something spectacular, I watch closely
Stars and moons form before me
Gigantic streams of ribbons connect us
Flowing together, beating in total unison
The creation came alive within me
As I realized I was just
A small part of the interconnected
Galaxy. My part is in flow
To inspire, support, and make whole
Keeping the universe ever revolving, growing
Remembering what once was never repeats
Allowing blessings to unfold of brilliance
…by Pauline Harris

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