Reading Funny



Upon the page at hand
My eyes see the words as they are
Symbols in a row,

Row by row

Slightly moving, separating
Becoming doubles and triples
Multiplying the lines
Separations happening
Here and there
Forming rivers
The groups
Seeing rivers
Layered symbols


Head is aching
Eyes cannot focus
Lost a sense
Of what I was reading
All nonsense now

Close my eyes
Open again
The same view
Lost and confused

Some whisper
How I fake it
Others could care less

Alone in solitude

No explanations
Little whispers
Appear of others
Who read funny
They learned
To adjust
And make
Their way
To do great things
Understanding this
Helps me move forward
Reading one page
At a time
And resting
My eyes
When the words
Like to dance
…by Pauline Harris


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