Love Across Time

Centuries ago a tale was told
Of a love between two souls
They married and had a son
Shortly after war was called out
The man left his family’s land
Sailing away to a far off land
Fighting raged over the lustful king
Wanting a woman who refused him
War ensued with many casualties there
Finally the war was won and
The man set sail for home
The journey for him was tormenting
While the lady kept her faith
She would be united once again
Ages past, both had many trials
Until the day the disguised man
Entered the dining area with hope
He took his bow and arrow
Shot the impossible narrow through holes
Aligned and knowing only her love
Was the sole person who could
Achieve such a task with hope
Re-united in love, they lived on
…by Pauline Harris
(Poem is a summary of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey)


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