Healing Cancer

Swerve upon a mighty road
The sense of loosing control
Awakening to know there is only flow
Secrets foretell cures out there
Money is not made in cures
Addictions make those desires rich
Another path reaches into nutrition
And eating healing foods and pampering oneself
Keeping a positive spirit
Finding gratitude along the joyney
Friends and family for support
Healing hugs to all those touched
Hoping curing diseases will become the norm
By Pauline Harris

The Dance Called Life

In the beginning
Learning the steps
The beating of life
Rhythm of the floor
Patterns and routines
Join together forming
The intricate flare
Connecting dancer
To the very being of life
By Pauline Harris

The Ship Came

(inspiration: a ship in fog at sea)
Sitting on the dock
Watching the waves
Moving forwards
Upwards and backwards
Up and down
Up and down
Suddenly a mist
Swooshed in
Dense fog
No knife could cut
Goose pimples

Out of the fog
A tiny sound
Dinging of the bell
Scorching sound

Slowly, I gather my wits
Nothing to fear, but fear
Always answers to find

The waves drew stronger
And closer together
A mighty force
Was headed my way
Woosh, I was knocked
Down now laying
On the pier
Looking up
To see
Odysseus’s ship
Finally arrive
At port

Penelope still waiting
Keeping hope alive
For one day she will
Be reunited with her
One true love

My heart beat
Repeated itself
Sharing in the joy
That would soon find
The couple who
Endured numerous
Challenges in order
To find one another
Once again…
By Pauline Harris

The Feather

(inspiration: a feather)

Ever so lightly
Time carried on
Seconds ticking
Pounding slowly
Ruffling any other noise

Out of the sky
A tiny feather
Flew into view
Focus, eyes blurry
Caught a glimpse
Of the delightful
Entity that dropped
This amazing feather
An angelic being
Guiding all through
Life’s joyney
By Pauline Harris

Trip To The Castle

(inspiration: a photo of a castle with a mote and bridge in front  …and memories)

Weeks of planning
The car is ready
Plenty of petrol
Goodies in the boot
Juice, rolls, cheese
The map and us
Hop in the car
For the drive
Through the woods
Over the hills
Into the valley
A bridge to
Welcome us
To the castle
Grassy mote
Stone steps
And walls

Cold, so cold
Bone chilling
Within the walls
Mumbling words
Long lost souls
Speak silently
Of troubled past

No longer present
The distant events
Just memories
For mythology

Alas only lingers
Of the past
Present themselves
To visitors keen
To connect with
Only for a moment
We venture into
The spiraling
Stony stairs
Along the outside
Wall, climbing up
Some tiny, well worn
Openings here and there
Stone everywhere
So cold until
A glimpse
Of light
The great
The sun invites us
Out…out to warmth

And a view from
The tower…
And speechless
The roar of whispers
Returns to scream
Know our story
Tell our story
We live on in you
By Pauline Harris

Walking The Path

(inspiration: a photo of a path through a garden gate lined with flowers and vines)

Stepped out to follow

Others to lead
Confusion set in

I closed my eyes
I needed more
From myself
No more following
I have guides
Of my own…senses
Birds chirping
Flapping wings
Fragrances of the flowers
Each different
Some of their
Flavours have touched
The tip of my tongue
Richly and delightful

I am ready now
To walk on
Through the entrance
Along the path
Towards the rest
Of my life
Richly masked
With pockets
Of joy along the way
By Pauline Harris

The Train Is Coming

Decided to take a long walk
An Autumn day with a slight mist
Gentle breeze within the massive trees
Cool, but not too chilly
Solitude at last
Time to let all be
Vibrations at my feet
The tracks rumbling
Heart racing
As my mind realizes
The train is coming
Must get off the tracks
Hills on both sides
Tunnel up ahead
Then the bridge
No where to go
Heart beats faster
Head spinning
No where to go
Oh my…
I close my eyes
The fog engulfs me
Whisked away
Saved somehow
For when my eyes
I was okay
Time to breathe
By Pauline Harris

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