The Old Keys

(inspiration: a photo of some old keys hanging from a wooden door with cobwebs over them)

Just finishing up
With a wonderful
Filling supper
Delicious. When
Heard the call.
Some old keys
Were found.
It had been ages
Since we had last
Seen one another
Our separation
Was well warranted
And well received
But leaving me
The keys means
So much. Our life
Together had true
Spirit. Off now
To find those treasures
We had so often
Spoke of. Pesky
Spiderwebs mask
The keyhole. I
Brush them away.
Twisting the key
And opening the
Creaky door. A
Brush of wind
Awakens me with
Your scent. A tear
Forms in my eye.
Memories. I steady
Myself for this is us.
Our journey is complete.
Saying goodbye to you
By fulfilling our dream.
You and me on an
Adventure to find
The book that tells
Of our favorite
Dreams. Our
Bucket list.
By Pauline Harris


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