Rising Storm

Storm Explosion

Staying indoors
Was proclaimed
By media, but
I just had to see
Beautiful clouds
Called out
Vibrant colours
Once in a lifetime
I headed out
Walking along
The pier
Seeing the waves
Come so near
Heart racing
Clouds covering
Sight gone
I give into fear
Attempting to breathe
I carry on
As I must
To survive
All freedoms gone
The glorious past
No more tomorrows
The storm has taken over
No more talking
Or even thinking
All linked together
Working with no voice
No choice
Engulfed in fear
Civilization at a turning point
Voting for choice
Or relinquish control
They say study history
To no longer repeat it
Look to the writers
And to the policies
Of the time
Churning the clouds,
I look towards
What I desire…
I choose freedom
And hope the storm
Will let us all survive
…by Pauline Harris


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