The TARDIS Stopped By

Vibrations felt…

throughout my body…

as the world welcomed…

an old friend…

disguised, no transformed…

different, and yet the same…

I glance yonder…

only to feel…

my toes are tingling with excitement. ..

I walk, no run to him joyfully. ..

mouth watering as I breathe,

attempting to catch my breath…

The Doctor has come at last…

to share an adventurous story.

By Pauline Harris


In Search of…Small Steps

Vaguely a sound is made
A hint of word
Spoken softly
Over there, no here
Hardly a whisper
But it is present
The speaker waits
A pregnant pause
Are there those that hear
Loosing hope
Out with words of joy
A compliment denied
Sadness filled heart
A moment longer
To recompose
Hindsight of perfection
Reality not glamorous
No one sees the sparkles
Looking for the village
Where gratitude and support
Are apparent
The search goes on
Off to lie down
In fields of
Poppies and daffodils
For there is a place
Where a faintly whisper
Is appreciated for
Being oneself *by Pauline Harris

Full Moon Solstice



Dearly Departed

All those

who have died,


within our hearts

and expressed in

our daily lives.

They are not

gone or forgotten.

They live on through us.~Pauline Harris

Blessings, In Search of…

On the lookout
For the many
Looking left
And searching right
I find a few
But fail to see
The ones brought
By you
Until I breathe
To myself
And look deep
To notice
The great joy
And grace
That appeared
When I knew
You were there
With me all the while
Such blessings
Surround us
Day by day
If only we saw
Them with open
Hearts…-by Pauline Harris

Morning Search

Woke up…
Early to…
Be greeted by…
A gentle soul…
A warm hello…
I turned to find…
Bunches of blessings…
I had not counted on…
Each breath and step
I took led me further
Down a path
I was unsure of.
Following my instinct,
I took a deep breath
And stepped into
A sense of the Divine
As I looked into the mirror
Seeing only a reflection.
Deeper, I gazed and
There before my eyes
Did appear the answer
I so longed to know.
A smile shone through
My mind was smiling.
I knew at that moment
Life may have
Hills and valleys,
But my choices and outlook
Make the world
A place where I want to…
….Just one step and one smile… *by Pauline Harris

To My Perpetrator

Can you see me?
I am right here
Before you.
(Inside you).
I have not
Really changed.
Except maybe a little
On the outside.
I am still
That little girl
Whose trust
You took away
So you might have
Some pleasure-day
And play
With her
Mind and Body
In Secret.
‘No One Should
Ever Know.’
You would
Always say.
I thought it
Strange that way.
You’d say,
‘Everyone can play
That way,
But only special
Little girls could
Ever get to play
The way
~Pauline Harris
originally written and published in the 1990s

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