finding a ‘true’ leader

When looking for a leader,
Do we have a set agenda
or list of what we desire
in said leader? Do we look
up what they have done in
the past along with what
they promise for the future?
Do we talk to our friends
and family? Do we change
our views when something
arises from a corner, whether
true or not? Do we investigate
further to see if they are what
we want? Do we listen to those
opposing and those for? Do we
hold them to the standards,
we live our lives by? Do we
ask the questions of what if
and really listen to the answers?
If we answer all these questions
faithfully and truthfully, is there
anyone who really can be
the one answer? Yes, we do
have to choose someone.
But given the current options,
many have lied or taken gain.
How do we trust them? Are
we awake enough to care?
In the near future, we will
all have the opportunity
to point out who we believe
will carry our world forward
and who will care enough
for us to have a world at all.
Hopefully, we will not mess up
and choose the wrong leader.
But even if we do, it was us
who chose to follow them.
~Pauline Harris

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