Secrets Untold

Talk of the past-
Once kept unspoken-
The truths that-
Came to pass-
Do as once told-
No questions asked-
Hearts told otherwise-
Learning the voice-
No one will keep-
You alive or free-
Because they all fear-
Those in power-
They are but hidden-
And behind the scenes-
Some may hear their voices-
But no one can tell-
No freedoms to learn-
Or be educated soon-
And to speak what we want-
Well, that may go away-
Forefathers fought for freedom-
And we tried to abide-
But there was one who-
Said that we must hide-
No more silence-
As we must be true-
To our forefathers-
And fight for freedom-
For the freedom to be ourselves-
Proud of our heritage-
All multicultural and multilayer-
As it is. For we are all-
Part of the human race-
Growing in love-
That is is our basis-
Of survival. To support-
To inspire-To educate-
To find love- To respect-
To be uniquely ourselves-
As one human being is to another.
Remembering always
Our time is temporary.
Share what we can
And maybe somewhere,
Some time in the future,
One moment we will be
Thought of as a person
Who meant something
Worthwhile to our world.

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