One Path to Walk

Days lead up to that one day

long since taught

body is to prepare

and carry a child

Propogate the earth

henceforth is the mission

teach the young

to obey and to believe

here are the laws

don’t waver from them

here are some more

keep the faith

and do well to follow

the plan, my plan

without question

for I alone know

what is to come

others betray the body

the body rejects

Life moves on

Others give birth

moving on with life’s plan

but not in one’s own life

does this happen

words and art form

a life of their own

as they are the creation

that still lives on

in one’s own life

Carrying one forward

Inspiration counts

Creations count

The plan is being

who one is meant to be

not another

acceptance is granted

now awakened

~Pauline Harris


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