Listening to the Whispering Wind

Taking a moment

to rest and heal

I sit watching

my pups play,

then as they tire

they rest upon

the grass…

so gently.

I look out


only to see

two squirrels


up a tree.

And in the dirt

of where our garden

was to grow

only dirt grows,

two birds take

a dirt bath.

Fluttering their feathers

nestling deep into

the dirt and

shaking it all off.

A gust of wind

whispers something

I need to hear…

remember this moment,

it shall soon come to pass.

Then I think of loved ones

some are sorting out

their path or health…

how each of us together

share healing connections

through the love

we share with one another

and by taking some time

to just be…

I sit and look at

my dogs resting

and see healing and love

surround us all around.

Take care to listen

to the whispering wind,

the message is there

if you care to hear.

~Pauline Harris


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