Blessings All Around

The beginning,

the very beginning.

That is when it all happened.

All of this started.


But Life is something more.

An unending search.

A search for something more.

Expansion of the mind, body, soul.

Which one to focus upon?

Such a struggle, as we are bombarded with focus upon this aspect of Life,

No…focus upon this aspect on Life.

Here is the correct path for all to take.

But here is the path of Truth.

Over here is the path to riches and wealth.

Another path appears to have all the answers to keeping the body well.

Sure, we can listen to all these ideas and ideals.

Which way to venture is up to us ourselves.

Even in a dictatorship, we ourselves have to decide.

Each decision itself holds a blessing and a challenge.

Now where to focus our energy.

Truth is the answer, but only we know how to get there.

Remember the blessings along the JOYNEY.

~Pauline Harris2015


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